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All this time. I had a website Because i've been working on online for so long. Having a website was natural and the difference was a lot of people may go on and around the world trip but it's primarily to big cities. they'll go to paris london. Bangkok said me places. Like that and i was going to really weird places that job no one visits and for that reason i started to gain a following online and it was nine months in i was in hong kong and i kind of said to myself that you know this is there weren't a lot of people on my website. You know having both my current business where we had a network of video games. We used to do like a month across our network so it was huge. This what i was doing with this was not huge at all. So i said to myself either. I should quit doing this. And just focus on traveling. Or i need to take it seriously and see make something of it and i didn't know what that was because no one at the time was making a living doing this. The term blog was still rather new. So i went to a new standard hong kong. I bought every travel magazine and opened up a spreadsheet and i started didn't analysis of what is in all these spreadsheets and one of the things i realized was that primarily had to do with travel pornography. The things they were writing about the number of places they were writing about each issue. No human could could do that in one month and they. They probably weren't even using this for travel planning. It'd be very difficult even to pick one place in twelve issues and go there in a year. so i started to put an emphasis on photography. I bought a camera when i started traveling. That was way over my head that i didn't know how to use in space of a few years. I taught myself how to do it. And i was named travel photographer the year. North america ended up being doing that. three times. Beating out national geographic photographer's established people like that. That's that's kinda got started and you've also went awards for your blog is well. I know that it was time magazine. That ranked as one of the best travel blogs no best blogs this is in this in two thousand and ten they used to do a an annual review of the top blogs in the world and in two thousand ten i got on their list of the top twenty five and it was the first travel website. Ever get put on. It was interesting is that i didn't know why i was ever put on the list and the next year i was in new york and i had lunch with the editor from time who had put together the list and i asked him why they chose my site and he said. Oh you're from wisconsin. Oh i'm from wisconsin and my wife read your site so restaurant put on by location. I mean that's what goes into those decisions. So i guess it worked for me but just for statistics here. I guess we should tell everybody. I mean as far as your Your world mileage is concerned. You've been to every state in the united states this twice. You've been to every province in canada three times. You've been to over two hundred states you've seen even hundred and so Yeah there's a list call the travelers century club and they break the world down to more than just countries. Because there's a lot of things that aren't country is like puerto rico. Antarctica french polynesia. If you say. I'm going to france and you go to the pacific ocean. Technically that is france in the same way. That hawaii is america. But that's not what people are thinking of when you say you're going to france so they break in so they have a list of. I think it's up to three hundred twenty six different territories around the world countries and territories. I've been to two hundred four. I think of those three hundred twenty six. is it always flying. Is that your preferred mode of travel. Have you ever taken i. honestly i hate flying. i absolutely loathe it. I hate long flights. If i could if they had regular service via ship from say new york to london i would probably take that every time they do offer. This cunard ashley does have that. But it's like once every two weeks and it's more of a production where it's like. Oh you're going on the titanic or something people dress up. i'm just talking about a cheapo carnival cruise eaten at the would do that every time because for its a three or four day trip fine. You don't arrive jetlagged. it's about the same price as flying. You can walk around. You have a proper bed if you look at the kind of cabin you get even a cheap cruise line versus a business class flight. The cabinet and a cruise ship is better than what you're going to get in first class on a plane because it's bigger it's you. You have more space. The food is going to be better. You're gonna be able to walk around. Your legs won't get sore. So yeah i would do that all the time. I understand that. Some people are constrained with time and it wouldn't be for them but for me how would especially You know with the new satellite internet are now coming online. You're going to have broadband in the middle of the ocean. So why not. You could get be productive work for several days when they struck these interesting. Now you've been to antarctica. What is there to see. When do you go during the summer months during our winter. Months is aso right now as we're recording this in january this would be the time to go to antarctica because it's summer in antarctica. But nothing's happening this year. So it's not really a thing. I would say i don't know what the numbers are last. I heard it was around. Twenty twenty five thousand people a year. Go to antarctica almost all on ship. It is possible to fly there. Believe it or not their flights out of chile. I know they fly into a place called union glacier flying. I understand why people do it because the the the boat trip over there can be kinda rough. But you're not gonna see much because you're landing on a glacier in your just landing in a place where white everywhere that's all it is whereas if you take a ship you're going to be seeing the sea coast. It's far more interesting. And that's where the animals are. You're gonna see the penguins in the whales and all sorts of stuff. The thing i always recommend people. Is i understand the attraction going to antarctica. And it's great but what all of the people who work on the ships that go to antarctica forward to every season is stopping and south georgia island and it usually only happens a couple times once or twice a season for most ships and south georgia is kind of usually is starting to shy argentina. You'll stop in the falklands south further out. Huge penguin breeding ground. And then you go down to. Antarctica makes a triple longer more expensive. But well worth it. There's there's no place on earth. Quake south georgia. You really have been pretty lucky that you haven't had too many bad things happen to you on traveling. I'm glad about that. Did you have any unusual experiences at any of these countries. I know there was one. They actually denied you entry..

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