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This week on the spivey special podcast. We had our wives on the podcasts live. 's so we got to know our guests evenly both. Been on the podcast before refound out. What their spirit animal is. If they're inside or outside cat and what vegetable they would be if they were really creative on this one. We also did remember that thing. We talked about valentine's day as a kid and getting cramped handwriting. Everyone in the class names under valentine's zach mainly just talked about the candy he got and how he loves cats. We also did ask a spivey since we had forced by on the podcast and we talked about which kid shows the we enjoy and hate and then we finished up the show with grab bag. We talked about if you had a chiro. Would you use it as a strong on your soda. Shotgun a beer or use it as a water gun. We also did a couple of other weird questions from the minor choice by. He'll stick around. Check it out. We had some fun. Got a little sauce slash tanked. We had some numb juice and they had some truly. And i'll let you know. This episode was truly one of my favorites. All right stick around for our episode. Here it is episode sixty four welcome to episode sixty four of the spivey special podcast aka the golden eye episode nintendo sixty four. There's very few systems except all the other ones that are better than i agree. What a stupid controller dreamcast. How do you do two hands with on the outside and one in the middle to bears one cup something like that. I don't know the rules made for aliens. Okay that's as much as we're going to talk about. The entire episode is literally just because his sixty four. It sure. I didn't really look at the note. So no okay fantastic episode today. It's our valentine's day up so spooky. We have our wives on the wives. We have sarah spivey. And by e on the podcast. Welcome to the show guys. Thanks for having your welcome. It's going to be a good upset. We got a couple of truly. We've got a couple of beers. We're going to have some fun today. We're going to find out some more about our wives. We're going with the old number juice today. The fall river brewing company. Good and they're going truly aka. The ryan spent show the watermelon.

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