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All right, my next team, the Chicago Blackhawks. He gave some stats. I'll give you some stats. That's on this. I'll give you some stats and then I'll open the floor to CJ. O 5 and one -15 gold differential outscore 22 to 5 at 5 one 5, which is somehow even worse than Arizona coyotes, we've played 362 minutes so far. They've trailed for 270 of them and have yet to hold a lead, which I believe is an NHL record to start a season. Here's how they've started their game so far in terms of how much time has passed before allowing the first goal four 26, 17 seconds, 15 seconds. 24 minutes against the islanders, and then 6 and a half and 5 40. So yeah, it's been bleak. It's a bit about as catastrophic or start the season as you can, especially for a team that made a lot of moves to try and expedite the process and be much better than they've been in the past few years. And there's a lot of obviously things to unpack here and how to look at this start for them. But I'm really curious in terms of figuring out how to portion the blame and sort of what's the root of the cause of it and how they address and moving forward because obviously this is about as bad of a start as you can have. Well, don't they just have a talent issue? You know, like, fundamentally, I think I understood on some level what they're doing in the off season, but, you know, I think that the people that looked at those moves and were like, all right, this team's now ready to compete for the playoff spot. I didn't quite understand that reasoning. You know, they've got a couple high end players still, but there's just not enough there. And so, I mean, if we're assigning blame, it goes to the front office, right? And, you know, I understand that Jeremy Carlton is understandably under some heat here. But, you know, they could have fired him in the off season if they had those issues with him. I think you have to go right to the top with this one..

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