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So we appreciate his effort each and every week and, of course, Greg dialysis here as well. Tennessee, giving Jacksonville 11 I know The Jags got a big win last week against Indianapolis, but it won't happen this week. It's ground in pounds Touch clock management, and it's Derek King. Just beating your defense to death. So I'm going to take Tennessee, even though that's a lot of points, giving Jacksonville 11 and Jacksonville did show some signs last week, but it won't be anything good this week. Tennessee's just two talented even on defense as well. So I will take Tennessee giving 11 points to Jacksonville, Greg Yeah, The thing that scares me about this game is Gardner mentioned was 1920 from not mistaken and 33 touchdowns last week. I can't imagine him repeating that performance against a pretty stout Tennessee Titans defense. So I'm gonna take Tennessee bum. How's Jacksonville? Cutting I'm going to go with Jacksonville. Too many points. I was looking at Jacksonville maybe even being the upset team this week. So I'm a Tennessee fan, but I think too many points to give Jacksonville and my boy gardener Menchu. He's created a whole cult down in Florida. They they love him. And, you know, that's really what you got to love about the NFL. Just when you think you've seen everything you see this story, this the Cinderella story of garden into the second when no one thought he was going to be anything but really, Ah, backup for his career. He just stayed the course. What do you think? Really? Has other than those those numbers, and Greg just threw out. What is it about him? That has made him more more than just a casual name but a household name in Florida and the National Football League, and he's been successful to toe worries. Now the starting quarterback, Ted He's here, and he's got heat. And oh, doesn't mean he's a legend. I mean, they were masked that looked like he was just and he's a fighter. You're a kid. Go out. You can't count him out. He's going to fight you the whole time. And I think that Jaguars have desperately needed somebody that they could cling onto you like that. And I love it. I think he's great for the game. I think he's definitely great for Jacksonville. Okay, let's take a look at this Colts game, giving three to Minnesota. I picked Minnesota last week didn't happen. Ah, I still I'm a believer in Philip Rivers. But this game right here is going to be a barometers for us how much gas he has left in the tank. I believe not just for this year, but his future is already decided He's going to be a high school coach when it's done. If he doesn't do something big in this game, I'm going to start to question if maybe it's not time for him to get the whistle. And head to the sidelines and do some high school Friday night lights stuff, but still a good player. And today is the type of game he needs to step up and be great. I will take Indianapolis, giving three against Minnesota and Kirk Cousins. So you're next. Go ahead, Greg. Yeah, I'm going to Indianapolis to I can't imagine that had to be an aberration with Jacksonville did it again last week. So in there to have a football team with great of an organization I like Indianapolis today, giving the three points. Then has the Vikings. Okay, Teddy. I like Indianapolis. I like I like Rivers. I They're going to be just a fun team to watch this year. I think so on DH. They're a good team. Good organization like Greg said. They're very good team. Very disappointed. Minneapolis. I thought they'd have a little more firepower, but I'm going Indianapolis the way by the way, Happy birthday to our producer who is turning 33 years young tomorrow and he said We were all wrong as far as our picks on that last game, so we'll give him a little birthday wish and tell him he knows nothing that he's talking about. Okay, let's go. But anyway happy birthday to Big Ben Buffalo of giving four against Miami. Nothing makes me happier to see Buffalo winning. I'm taking the bills, giving Miami four points Great. Yeah. Come out of the bloc Looking pretty good. So I I'm gonna join you. And then in selecting the Buffalo bills for this one giving before wants to Maya. Okay, Teddy. Jerry. I like Buffalo. We're in for a tough week. This week. It's two too many for a nose. Well, you know what you're doing? It's a tough week. You just disappear. Nobody confined you. You understand what I mean? Like gone. See if you get a bye week. No. You get a court of Miller lite and disappears. What you do. All right here. Here we go. Guys up next San Francisco, giving the Jets seven something about Jimmy Garoppolo and I should be all in but I'm not. But I like the Jets, and I know lay beyond bells a question. I don't know if he's even gonna play today, but for some reason, I'm just gonna go out there on the limb where I've been most of my life, and I like to get back in it soon as I can. I'm gonna take the Jets by the way giving or getting seven points Great. The Love Bell is out this week. Rob. I think he's gonna be out for a few weeks without after injury, but I think that the seven points is too much. And as I said last week, I think this This jinx of losing Super Bowl team not rallying the following year and not me. And making the playoffs on a number of occasions is going to continue for the 40 Niners. So I'm going to take the Jets with seven points. Bum has the 49. Okay, go ahead. I would like the 40 Niners. Given the points I think they cover Okay, Rams. This is kind of odd. Only spotting the Eagles appoint. Maybe some folks really still believe in the Eagles. I'm not one of them right now. But I'm going to take the Rams giving the Eagles one point. Go ahead, Greg, you're up next. Yeah, And it's funny. Where have you been? I've been kind of identical all the way through here. That wasn't intentional. I have my tricks already lined up on my shoes here, So I'm not not like I'm copying your brother. But I do have the Rams in this one. I think their defensive line is so strong that they're going to overcome the cards. Carson Wentz let Eagles Ben also has the OK, go ahead, Teddy. So I'm gonna shake it up. I'm going Philly. I like the way they can come back after a couple of losses. They are after a loss like that. They've done it before. Um, rams. I love the way they're planned. I love their coaching. But I think Philly is just too good of a team to just lay down. I think they they they win this one after one week as a starter in Tampa Bay during the regular season, everyone's saying it's time for top Brady to retire. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm not so sure about that managed tough being Tom Brady, but we're going to talk about why they're giving 7.5 to Carolina. And does he really need to win big today against this very meager Carolina defense will talk about that. Next as we walk the line with Ted or No Ben, Comatose and Greg Dialogues on news.

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