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Oh you know when a strippers a topless photos or release it's like pouring a couple of water in the ocean knows like footba let's not also their postsurgery pictures that she most certainly did not want release the probably for just like documentation of lake how she was healing so i dunno i i bet you have some more thoughts about the my line interview yes i think that with china going on a press tour about this i mean she's definitely an opportunist but i also think that you know he had said some like terrible things and i i do think that it is noble at least sign lisa blooms part brave to be taking this on is an issue revenge porn because it is really serious and um i think that having a stripper in particular being the person that this is happening to is great because there is no perfect victim is because of someone and i used to do i should it be no bullied to say okay would you used to do this so you deserve that let's say that china has posted similar nude pictures of herself and then a former lover post similar nude pictures how does the law distinguish between the two acts well first of all she has not posted pictures of her genitals in the past secondly any explicit photos that she may have chosen to post in the past that's her choice she gets to choose this time if these photos are made public and she did not consent to it so it's good to have this like pushing people's acceptance or understanding of what this is an accepting that this is a bad terrible saying no matter what the person is done in their past right and what they do for a living lake a you know i i think that china whatever her reasons are for this happened for for doing the nightline interview the i think the it'll still have some good morning from india the same way the i mean honestly i really do think that like.

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