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In places like Georgia and South Carolina. Polls are only open for another four hours. CBS's Skylar Henry president Trump visited the Republican National Committee headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. Without citing evidence, he said, allowing states to continue counting votes past Election Day is dangerous. You have to have a date, and that date happens to be November 3rd and we should be entitled to know who won. On November, 3rd vice President Biden headed to Scranton, Pennsylvania, visited his childhood home with his two granddaughters. Skyler Every CBS News ALEXANDRIA, Virginia. Mr Trump will spend Election night at the White House. Biden in Wilmington, Delaware. To Palm Beach, Florida feeling today, where first lady Melania Trump cast her ballot a little bit ago. She said she wanted to vote on Election Day as opposed to voting early like her husband did. Top aides in both campaigns will have Pennsylvania in their sights tonight. Political correspondent Ed O'Keefe tells us why Pennsylvania's were biting launched his presidential campaign 18 months ago. His aides called the state the cornerstone of their path to 270 electoral votes in orderto win the Keystone State vital needs to turn out white working class voters, Suburban voters. Especially those around Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. And he needs to perform better in rural Republican areas than Hillary Clinton did four years ago on the minds of voters, jobs, Corona virus and more. These been voting today in Detroit. Biggest issue is Yuan government around you or do you want to run your government? Pretty simple to me. The Corona via was job employment. In health care for many parts of the country. It's not just the presidential ticket on the ballot. There's also some tight Senate races as congressional correspondent Nancy Courtis reports first and foremost North Carolina That is the state where Republican Senator Tom Tillis has consistently been trailing his Democratic opponent. Then you've got Maine where a very senior Republican senator Susan Collins, Is locked in a really surprisingly tough fight with Statehouse speaker Sara Gideon and then finally Colorado, where Republican Cory Gardner is struggling to hold on in a state that has been moving to the left. If you're driving back from a polling place, CBS's Lisa Matteo on.

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