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Response, so it might. Be that. Are Using a conspiracy theories which we've seen in the past two solar sort of bolster their audience Sometimes it is to change what people think or how people feel about the protests, which is why it's so important to rely on accurate information around them. it's you know it's it's tricky. There's no one goal I I've spoken to. Early on a sixteen year old boy, who spread it e- hoax about his uncle being missing. From the protests just as a way of getting social media popularity, so we are definitely seeing both nefarious means nefarious reasons for spreading false information and less various reasons for spreading false information. Great, so everybody wants to get in on it now basically. Jane. Thank you so much. I hope you get a couple of days off soon. Well I went to an island with no cell reception this past weekend, and that was a gift fair. We go all right. Stay safe and thank you very much. Thanks for having me. Jane Davidenko Senior reporter for Buzzfeed News. That was the big story. If you would like more, and there is no disinformation on our site, you can find us at the big story PODCAST DOT CA. On twitter at the big story F. P. N.. Today, we will share Jane's running list of black lives matter hoaxes for your information and preparedness. Send it to all your friends. You can, also, of course find this podcast and all of the frequency podcasts in your favorite player. If you like them, give them a rating. Give him a review. Thanks for listening Jordan Heath Rawlings. We'll talk tomorrow..

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