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Kfi K.. Well to master not to mask, and no longer your choice this as a governor jared. Polis issued that statewide mask mandate yesterday that goes into effect for thirty days goes into effect today, six, fifty, four, now, thirteen, ten KFI, a thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com northern Colorado's voice. Mornings Gail live and local via the auto collision Specialists Studios hape good to hear from you via tax on our thirteen ten Kfi am text line Bob, asking the question. I heard that if you already contracted Cova. Immune from catching it again. Is that true I? Like everything else Bob. that is nineteen related well. There are conflicting stories when it comes to immunity. G working from a piece out of USA Today. The PR arm mainstream media of the Democrat Party. Here's the lead. Okay? John Bacon rights hopes are dimming. That heard immunity can help that. They don't like her immunity. They don't want to reopen the economy. They don't want president trump to have any victories whatsoever. Leading up to the election shut down. No her immunity. No, that's not going to work at all Oh, but wait. We have once again conflicting narratives when it comes to the efficiency of her immunity, but John Bacon. USA Today saying hopes dimming that hurt immunity can help us stamp out covert nineteen amid growing concerns that yeah. You can be Info reinfected with covid. Nineteen experts agree. Who are these experts I? Don't know, but. But they agree that claims. Recurring infections require more study since we're only months into the crisis, and evidence has been anecdotal anecdotal, but if it's proven that recovered, patients can catch catch, or would it be a reemergence of the first infection again? We don't know, but we're GONNA do a story on it and basically blast the concept of her immunity. Anyway recovered. Patients can catch. The virus a second time at that indeed is proven, it would affect their own immunity while also complicating efforts to obtain the holy grail of current medical research, effective vaccine sheriff vaccines would be great, but doesn't it seem that the conventional narrated? These days is just shut it down. Shut the country down until we get a vaccine. That could be years. Even with all the fast tracking that is going on. Unfortunately, physicians don't know for sure whether people who appear ill a second time are suffering from a resurgence of their first infection, but well. You've got a one medical doctor. Saying that. work on other corona viruses demonstrated people were just as likely to be reinfected a year later as people who were never infected. But you got another one saying. We've not seen this. Is Dr Monica? Game. who is countering doctor Griffin Dr Monica. Gandhi says we haven't seen a single convincing case of reinfection. That's the proof in the pudding that being infected confers immunity. So Bob as with everything else covid nineteen related. There is no clear answer six fifty, seven, now thirteen ten KF KIA. Right, so jared Polis uh, announcing that statewide mask bandaids, saying no, it's not enforceable than what is law enforcement supposed to do web? County Sheriff Steve Rings weighs in at seven. Oh five thirteen ten, Kfi K. A. Greeley Loveland for Collins. It's seven o'clock..

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