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He'll be great up there. I think he will. Makes it. Yeah, well. Yeah, and by the way I I'm glad you brought that out. He is, he's not there yet. in Alabama running as a as a Republican. You are almost there. and only one really I think since the nineties there has not been a Democrat elected to the US. Senate from Alabama, other than one time in in in the nineties of the Democrat who was elected immediately, changed parties and became Republican the the only the only Democrat has been elected of courses Doug Jones who WHO IS KURT? WHO's the incumbent so Beats Him and he will be favored heavily to do so. Um, he will be in the United States senator in January Let's as an SEC coach ever been a US senator. That is my question to you. I. Don't think the I don't think I. Don't think they have Bob Is in Houston Hello Bob. Paul. How are you, thanks? Thank him. Excellent listen one to go back to the topic, a little bit related to your call earlier with the Commissioner from Matt. Yes that is that we've seen now. The big can make a decision to go to conference only football schedules. If in fact we have a season, and now the PAC twelve has decided to saying. And for the life of me, I cannot figure out, and I've not heard a valid rationale for what is going to accomplish whether it be on mitigating the spread of Covid, or whether it is GonNa be financial to save money and travel I don't see benefit on either side. You can help me with Bob. I totally agree with you I think it's I. Think it's A. It's a straw dog argument. because I think they're trying to give themselves some more time during the season. and by cutting out three games or four games. They give themselves a little bit of the window. If something goes haywire, but the risks are still the same I mean if you're if you're flying from Nebraska to Penn State. You're taking the same risks that you would be going somewhere else. The only thing the only difference is that you see a radically know the protocol of everyone in the League. Although just because Nebraska does it certain way doesn't mean doesn't mean. Rutgers is going to do the same thing. Yeah and I think you know the challenge that we got from the disease. Side of it is that. Pick a number whether it's five percent, twenty percent, forty percent of the players as we speak right now are a symptomatic carriers exactly. Like you said where wherever you fly to, we're running the risk of spreading it so just keeping it within the conference really doesn't accomplish anything. And I think if they're gonNA. If they're going to cut out all of the Non Conference Games. You know I feel even worse for the. Like the Mac, because you know it's, it's the non power five schools that are to financially just crippled then, and he was very.

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