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CBS news update is next. It's two thirty one CBS news update. Mississippi Republican Cindy, Hyde Smith. Addressed a full house thanking the president for her victory. Over democrat challenger, Mike Espy in a runoff Senate race that caught national attention was the jungle race, but we are thrilled. Obviously that we were successful tonight. Because I think that I certainly represent the values of Mississippi. The CBS news director of elections. Anthony Silvano says they advanced to a runoff because neither one fifty percent of the vote in the general election on November sixth this runoff happened. Because back in November there were more candidates and none got over fifty percent. So it goes to what is affected round two. So here it's a one on one race between the democrat, and the Republican, you know, we saw the vote here. Maybe it ends up about ten points. Maybe a little smaller than that in single digits. But in the end Republicans keep the seat in their side. CBS news update, I'm Matt piper. WBZ news time to thirty two. Chicago public schools is defending how it handled power outages on Monday. Day after the Sunday night. Snowstorm CEO, Janice Jackson says they worked with comment and moved quickly. I think that our response has been very quick and collaboration collaboration with comment definitely helped. But I believe it's always important for students to be in school after a long holiday weekend for many of our students. That's the safest place for them to be the warmest place for them to be Jackson says only twenty of the six hundred fifty Chicago public schools lost power some parents complained. They should have been notified sooner than they were about the outages. Governor elect Jay Pritzker has revealed his new education team Pritzker is education success committee on his transition team includes co chairs lawmakers who are experts in higher read in education funding, Chicago public schools CEO Janice Jackson will also help lead the panel while we're excited about the progress that Chicago public schools has made were excited that all ties are rising. We must acknowledge the fact that not every single student in every community has access to the same education. And we. Intend to fix that. Not only in our city, but throughout the great state of Illinois Jackson expects Pritzker to support legislation to help Chicago schools deal with their sex abuse crisis and officials across.

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