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Sarah Gonzales, end Jason but'real here at blaze TV, filling in for Steve dais. Steve is on a well-deserved well-deserved vacation, or at least a having having some time off. So I I do wanna get into. What constitutes as a basic human? Right. But before we do that we're talking off air during the break about the fact that all of this ACA stuff now that it was ruled unconstitutional, of course, it is going back to the supreme court, and it's not it's not a win. I think it's not just a given win four conservatives because supreme court it does look different now. So you've got Gorsuch, and you've got to having on we just put two incredibly conservative judges on the supreme court. What do you mean not a win? We didn't accept we didn't. And you know, it will be interesting because Cavanaugh actually one of the reasons why Uber conservatives were concerned with him was because of past ruling on ObamaCare he did side with the left on that. And so now, you know, it's gonna go back to the supreme court. You would think that with the individual mandate gone. Roberts, wouldn't you know? I mean, how can Roberts argued the same argument that it's a tax the individual mandate attacks, the individual mandate is gone. I would ask that too. But I'd never would have thought he would have gone the way he did in the beginning. I know at this new this was getting shutdown. I know and so now that you have you know, you have Roberts which is going to be up in the air. You logic would tell you that. Of course Roberts couldn't rule the same way if the individual mandate was taken away, but we're not dealing with logic and twenty eighteen or twenty nineteen or twenty twenty. So we gotta throw that out the window. And then you have Gorsuch. I dunno Cavanaugh. I don't know. I mean, we know are our tried and true solid conservatives, but it's still going to be up in the air. I mean Thomas is a he's. Cavenaugh really is the is the wildcard there. And exactly he's the wild card in the same way that Kennedy was the wildcard. Yeah. But you really didn't know so status quo has been maintained. And we knew that the status quo was maintained when Cavanaugh was slipped in as, hey, this is my nominee. He wasn't one of the original. Judges was not. So this tells you something this tells you that Kennedy had his own list. Kenny had his own list. I was like look, hey buddy talking to president. He's like president. Yes. I will retire want to get off. This has been too much family time. But I don't like any your list. Now, I will consider leaving. If you choose one of these people, and it was probably a very small list and Cavanaugh was on that list. That's more than likely what happened. So in the end Cavanaugh, even though a lot, which is I love this theory. Because I mean, he he knew Kavanagh, you know, what I mean Cavanaugh Cavanaugh clerks for him at one point. Right. So that would make so much sense that that would. Be what exactly what happened? Yeah. The Firestone around Cavanaugh changed a lot of things for one at changed. Our it change the rights perspective of who. Really is it. We all of a sudden because we wanted to defend him and rightly so to defend him because in that instance, he needed to be defended. But all of a sudden we're expecting him to be Gorsuch, which he's not he's in the mold of Kennedy. Yeah. He's status quo. He's he's he's going to be middle the road. He'll be one. He'll be left one one week. Right. The next week. Well, I mean as we've already seen with the recent ruling with Planned Parenthood that he he cited with the left in that day would not he didn't want to rule that we didn't have to pay for Planned Parenthood and abortions. So which is so incredibly I mean, it's not funny..

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