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Shirts question that clinton was asked on the campaign trail once boxer briefs going back a while that's a terrible attempt at a segue between the story that bill clinton is coming to the dunkin donuts center and the update on the lawsuit in which a woman who owns a home on martha's vineyard is suing the former tenant of that house it was a longterm winter rental that she had entered into with an individual who later went on to produce pornographic films from that home and the woman is suing and now we had scarce details yesterday but thanks to the cape cod times we have a little more a few more answers to the questions that we were asking yesterday on the radio well it turns out that there was some significant damage that happened at the home in the process of producing these pornographic films the woman that owned the home had asked her parents to check on the house about midway through the winter period and she sent her parents over there and they found the house in deplorable condition this according to court documents and they've found strangers inside the house who had not in fact rented the house from the woman one of the defendants named in the suit told the woman's mother that she was an employee of the man who had in fact rented the house well it turns out that he was no longer able to afford the rental of the house and that she was going to be assuming they lease the woman renting the house did not agree to this sublet arrangement and when she did in fact get back into her home she found over fifteen thousand dollars worth of damage and then she later went on to discover by pouring over pornographic sites that there were many graphic scenes in which photos and video clips did in fact show her house the distinctive furnishings of her house and original artwork which she is claiming violates copyright law because of its use in these video so again very bizarre story from martha's vineyard but it just goes to show you if you're a landlord and you're renting property be very careful six forty one here at wpro we will take a break when we come back business news markets are closed we'll have a report on that also talk about the.

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