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Hello hello and welcome to the RU Paul's drag race recap here on reality. Tv WRAP UPS. I'm your host Liana. Boris and we are here to talk about episode. What episode is this ten ten of Paul's drag race season? Well of course I am not alone with me is a man who I'm sure we'll now legally be changing his name to Brent the planet Brandt Welcome. How are you? I died in fell out when she said that and I was living for her all the more like I thought it was just a nickname and then when I heard she legally changed her name. I was like you go bitch. We love you and like I had a great time with her throughout this entire episode so it was very nice to be here. Yeah that follow through so committed I love it. Oh God yes well. Of course we also have a man which much like drag brings joy. He brings joy Amman Amman. How're you doing? I am also really really good. Super duper excited talk about this episode. the ending. I felt was like the only appropriate way to end an episode. Like this though I feel like this is just like an episode. Where you know. You don't often get those and drag races. I'm excited great. Yeah well we will definitely get into everything including the. Save the double save that we got this episode and all of the makeovers here which I'm really looking forward to. And then of course we will talk a little bit about the episode of secret celebrity drag race that also aired this week. Let's kick things off and get into what happened after the elimination. There's not a whole lot talk about here but you know you get a little bit more of the inner saboteur talk discussing widow and we are reminded of course brand that this is our top sits. Yes our top six and it's going to remain on top sakes for awhile which is also kind of crazy thinking. It's also our top five. Yeah that's true true. I didn't even think about that actually. Yeah wow that's why we're we`re. We're we're really close. Yeah we're really close and then also thinking okay so if somebody had gone this weekend I guess this will apply to next week. Like that is our top for which is kind of crazy. Assuming it's not you know Sp but I guess we'll see okay. Well did you say after the elimination to me like not that much going on? No you know. It's sad to see Widow go but like I think it was her time and I think that they sent her up pretty well so I think pretty well but I also think that they definitely through a little dirt on the coffin on the way out the door because they showed her like quote unquote giving up which I don't think she was giving up. I think she was pissed off When she was getting criticism from the judges and I felt like the editors went out of their way to make sure that we at home felt righteous. In the fact that widow had gone home like they WanNa make sure that we wrote came with the fact. That would've gone home because let's be real. She's a front runner for a while and then for her not win and not even make the top four and not even make three honest top six. Yeah I I think that they probably equally as stunned as we were and they wanted to make sure that we were not rioting in the streets. Yeah I guess that's true. There was a little bit. Did go off a little bit of this self defeatist attitude. But the you're right. They did emphasize especially the throwing the arms up. Or maybe because it was. Heidi was talking about it. But of course editor shows to include that part of my thought though and I had this thought throughout the entire episode was. I think this is a very sherry pie. Heavy episode especially based on the results of the challenge like Cherry Pie and Terry Mizzou like look exactly the same And so I kind of feel like some of the editing was kind of making for that so there might be some. I don't know maybe some weird stuff in there here and there but whatever. Let's jump into the next day in the workroom where we get our Maxi Challenge. Which is the superfan makeover at now. Amman they did this really cool thing early. I thought it was cool. Where they put the super fans or we're GONNA be made over kind of in a separate area and said Oh you're just going to be in the audience and then tricked them when they brought them into the room. So I mean maybe I'm putting on my hat okay but I always questioned the validity of shit like this because you have to sign some sort of released when you agree to go on television and I feel like I feel like there has to be something extra that you're signing if you're also agreeing to potentially have your appearance changed or obviously it took place over multiple days so. I feel like and like all day over multiple days. Yeah like I I thought maybe maybe they were able to be a little Like maybe admitted some things like they sort of like skated around was actually going on and skated around the truth. But I have to imagine that they had to know that there was. It wasn't just that they were going to be audience members because it was just so much that they committed to in a short period of time. Let me just live in my fantasy world. Amman it's definitely real will lose. I thought it was also finding say. Put little audience labels on them. Which now that I'm thinking about it. That's kind of like you know when you're telling a lie and Kinda like add extra onto it to make the lie believable. Maybe that's what they were doing here with a little audience tags. This reminded me of Big Brother Canada when those people got under the show. Instead of our beloved Kirsten McGinnis and then they said that they were out of the audience and they've gotten selected and how believable was that? Lie So no. I wasn't buying this at all and I was like yeah. I think what happened was they probably told these people you know. Yeah there's there's a chance you could be in an episode of drag race and because you to sign releases and stuff like that like I mean. There's all sorts of things that go into something like this and then a new. Maybe they needed. They thought that they were like Like a fifty fifty shot like it's damning like there's another group of six but then they were surprised to learn that it was just then. I think I think that's possible. Don't they knew that they were going to be the ones that were chosen? But I think maybe they didn't even know what the the episode was going to entail. I would totally believe that. Maybe they lied about like. Oh Yeah you get the chance to be on the show you get. You get a chance to meet the Queen's and be like An audience for a specific competition and then Lo and behold you walk into the workroom and then you are the competition so I would definitely believe I mean I mean they have to get it. Ok'd from these people ahead of time there. Okay being apart of drag race Getting into drag and having a drag makeover like and some people may not want to do that. Some people may not want to look silly on camera. I know that drag race fans by and large would but there's always people who are naysayers and you never know they can't tape something like this and then one of the people is like actually. I don't really feel comfortable doing this because of X Y and Z. My job my husband my my kids some whatever and then have to go back and reshoot something like they got this approved ahead of time so they had to know something anyway. That's the magic of Y'all just no okay. Well I'll living my magical by. We do. Get our wonderful Contestants here I don't really call them but There are super fans that are going to be made over. We have Bethany. Brace Janet the planet Nicole Shea who lay number two and tiffany so there was some discussion. I know online which I which I had I had not heard about and then watch the episode had like lots of fun and then when I was watching readings in the commentary people. Some people were upset that there were women that were chosen to be made over like super fans and I was like why don't really get Yeah so I don't know I just WANNA throw it out there that whatever. I'm not even I don't even like I don't even know what to make of those comments because this was just so fund me and I'm really happy with the women that they chose the show. Yeah and it was like it was the whole thing was super fans and game in. Aren't the only people that watch this show like? Yeah I'm on you know there's definitely a segment of the population. And you know like I'm not exactly the most absolutely progressive of the gay population. So like I understand these people coming from although I think they're fucking idiots The thing that drag is specifically for gay men and that it's always been for game and and it's just our little thing and they are very exclusive about it. They are not inclusive about it and of course we do not agree with that and drag. It's so fun to watch. These women have the time of their lives getting into drag revealing. Who they are. And if you can't recognize that you're just a little backwards and come on the program not little ally like these that come to your shows and give you money so that you can do this damn shit so if you want to give them a damn makeover real quick let it be.

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