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Arab. Keep telling me though boy. The rate of 'em home in charge of the deal Mahal boy twice a year. You won't them problems. You won't have problems. He would want any because he's afraid of nobody three. He's never been afraid of anything before. In the chargers got some weapons they do and again they have a high draft pick and they could draft an offensive lineman they plug right in. I mean what it isn't that a great Trey Trey Thomas. Three hundred you put him at the guard position. Now you serve regardless. I was the worst position for them last year. Yeah inside so if you're driving your tackle you go victim kid. They got the kid out of our. I don't know if you gotTA tackle. I mean they got some short up. I the target got nice. Nice player resigned hunter. Henry you got your tidying. Ain't saying he grow but he's he played good. Yeah when he's healthy you. GotTa William Got Keanu allies. You're looking island in the Slot Austin. Cler he can be your little. Dion Lewis or whatever Danny woodhead over. So you're missing the boat on this because everybody's waiting to see what that guy does because look at look at Ryan Tannehill. I say Tennessee if Brady said yesterday deceive rebelled saved. Please come before before then would Ryan. Tannehill be on the market. Would Derek Carr. If Tom Decides to go to Oakland now Las Vegas would. Derek Carr suddenly become available. Yes he would at Jacoby. You loved the Indie do. We're I liked Jacoby. Reset again is a world beater. But is he is starting to yeah. It could be a starting quarterback. He's put up some pretty good numbers pretty good with him. What if he suddenly became available? Teams are just waiting like. Who's out there? Who's going to be available will? Depends what number twelve do you? We're going to know early on. Start seeping out. What transpired they once. We see the movement. Because some of these quarterbacks are going to have to go I mean everybody. Just can't you just can't hold up. I can't run the risk of waiting on Brady miss out. Let's say on the ten. He'll miss out on the Teddy Bridgewater. Because I'm waiting on a guy so we're gonNA know for proud of the first day is going to happen so this man knows Tom Brady. Because this man he'd beaten Tom. Brady several tile looked it up your four and ten against Brady come on one four times against him. I think they're all jets. Right adjusts all. Jim chargers. Okay you're one and two in the postseason but you had one big postseason win at Fox. Yeah we we wanted one okay. Nobody cares.

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