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It was a great trip Bob missing being away for two weeks is tough but I'd say we made the most of it as a group and we got a big win it doesn't it doesn't just stay over there though it's it's about coming together now we had a really difficult schedule I think if you know we see the record that we have you know two weeks straight on the road majority of our games of the plate away from here I think what would be pretty happy with the results and saying that we've got to continue I think we took a step forward on this trip and we want to continue and they do need the strings of wins together to move up in the standings but winning three of their last four is certainly a good start the fourth line in Sweden was really good and was kind of a catalyst for this team getting those points it might have been their best life maroon Cedric Paquette and Jana gourd all had a hand in teams to wins against the Sabres that line will be together again tonight Paul Kennedy from sun sports told me a leading power play live earlier today that have a really starting to make a difference for this team and that line I had an executive with the lightning say to me yesterday that watch Pat the world his insolence this experience and respect in the locker room behind closed doors in the navy it's growing in stature he has a voice people listen to he's a heavy game never had anyone quite like that you won the Stanley Cup last June and he being healthy again although he was injured by coincidence about bout with Michael a ledge in the garden a couple of weeks ago the screen customers fight his ruggedness has really been on an impetus for this team any place that while on the power play there's a graphic that they were building two dates are telecast on Fox Sports some of the distance that maroon Harkat Gordo are Greg on the net with a score if they're all like twelve St John's store within the length of their stick women score they all go to the heavy traffic area they go down to the creek traffic like shot second chances and a score and as well as the opposition's defensive corps on the forecheck what our coaches say our best line is you first second third or fourth line it's the line score that right now you could make a case that in those two games against buffalo Tampa bay's best line was Attenborough's Cedric Clark yeah and Jada growth hi there was Paul K. from sun sports talking about that fourth line room by the way will be featured in our team time segment coming up later on in a pre game report in fact the one noticeable change it will be on the team's second line carver heck it looks like he'll get an opportunity to play with Steven Stamkos and Andre plot plot is been really good this year but clearly the team wants to get them because going even more emphasis averaging a point per game but he's got just one goal in his last night he's a sniper and that's what he does best getting him going is a must for this lightning team moving for triple a is proud partners of the Tampa Bay Lightning go bald coming up soon lending pregame before we're gonna hear from primary as I just said Eric Olsen Dave Mishkin and Phil Esposito also take a look at the Rangers as well getting set for this game tonight here namely arena on leading radio Italy motor oil and reason for motor cars are on a power play when it comes to quality and that's why these two family owned Florida grown companies are giving you the whole.

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