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High-ranking park. Police officers to come over and give me a ticket. To give you a ticket for what? The park while the park was close to you work for the all icy because the mall was supposed to be closed. Exactly. So she instructed Jack booted thugs who didn't want to do it to find you because you dared enter the mall when she had declared closed like the pet dictator that she was envisioning herself to be that day because Barack Obama had declared the mall now the mall's not closed now right now, I've been able to work throughout this shutdown just fine and the World War Two memorial is not barricaded shut and wired up, right? Everything's open. Everything's open. Now, why do you think that is Alex? Why was it blocked down then and you're being punished? You're you're having the government take punitive action against you for writing for making a living. You're writing of these these three wheeled bicycles with the seats in the back, and and you know, two or more people can sit back there. And and you've got thighs like Eric Heiden? And and you're right. These bicycles pedicabs the rickshaws in Washington DC where have long them all. Now. Why do you think they wanted to stop you then and they don't want to stop you? Now. Well, obviously, the park service and controlled by department of interior. He could tell that they just wanted to make as many people affected by it as they could to chime blame Republicans in the media. That's pretty much it. I've got to say,.

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