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I think if you went back in time and asked supporters at those rallies, the President Trump was speaking at where he absolutely got people excited about the fact that not only would he build the wall, but it would be funded by Mexico. They would they would have been expecting Mexico to be footing the Bill, and that's not through a trade deal that by the way has not been passed or approved yet by congress. And I'm glad you made the distinction. There's there's this signing of the deal. But then the three nations involved candidates parliament Mexico's national assembly and the US congress still each have to ratify that deal among themselves for its take affect. That's correct. Any other greatest hits that are worth debunking, Alexis, John Alexis. Well, the one that sticks out in addition to say by either the Trump administration or Democrats rate asus. Yes. In in the case of President Trump continuing to focus on some of his remarks, one of the things that it was a little startling. I think is the contradictions one of things that he offered up was that eight hundred thousand federal workers affected, that's mostly Democrats. He said so that he somehow dismissed them as being, you know, part of this argument, but then he contradicted himself by saying most of the federal workers who are affected support this. And so you can't have both things be the same in. And of course, eight hundred thousand federal workers nationwide affected are not all Democrats Jonathan any greatest hits to debunk and this one I'll this give credit to NBC news reported this out the administration has put out a number of four thousand people suspected terrorists being blocked from entering the United States that's up fiscal year two thousand seventeen as a sign of why we need this wall. But then when NBC dug into these numbers, it turned out that they were six of those people were actually stopped. At the southern border who are non US citizens. So. That four thousand is not at all commensurate with the number of non-citizens actually being stopped at the border. Mindy wrote on our Facebook page while I don't support the wall at all at what point do we try to negotiate somehow I believe in taking a stand? But when we are on day twenty of my husband, not getting a paycheck from the coast guard and we have three daughters. It makes it a little more difficult to take a stand. It's beginning to feel hopeless. Mindy is spot on in terms of the human impact of this partial government shutdown because a lot of the federal workers have been going quite a while without the guarantee of paycheck, and for many people today would have been payday our colleague here. W AMU. Patrick Madden spoke with the woman at a rally for federal workers and their supporters on Wednesday night in Silver, Spring, Maryland, which is just outside the district line just northeast of Washington. Here's what Michelle had to say. I show have to do a good job. I've doing everything responsible. Adult is supposed to do. And all of a sudden, it's all blowing up, and I don't know what else to do Michelle who didn't want to give her full name for fear of repercussions says she can't believe she's in this position. This is the first time in my working life. I am going to have to go to my creditors and say, I don't know how to pay, and it's embarrassing that was w AM us. Patrick Madden reporting. Do we have any sense of how these workers are coping? Whether there's anything that these federal agencies are doing to help their employees, cope or are. They just kind of on their own. Well, one of the more uncomfortable things that occurred in the last two weeks. I think is to watch the federal government tried to be helpful by telling people, for instance, who who worked for the government and serve the government have a garage sale. Or here's a letter that you could write to try to ask your landlord to maybe give you some grace period that kind of outreach is very sad and has disturbed a lot of federal workers. Who maybe were a little slow to believe that this would extend this long and thought that this would be over earlier than this..

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