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Heard in your life is going to a new survey songs have gotten more depressing as time has gone on. See what happens when buddy Holly dies? Let's talk to one on seventy eight a New Jersey one zero one point five. Hey what? Steve. Same here, my friend. How are you? So far, so good. It was written for the movie or before the movie, it was it was for the Highlander movie. I think it was called who wants to live for everybody Queen. That's a good one. Yeah. I never heard it. I should here. Yeah. Let's you. Wraps queen. Did it? It's gotta be great who wants to live forever by Queen. Right. I like that one good. The main theme of the movie Highlander that that was that. What was that the one with Sean Connery? It was Sean Connery. No, no, Sean Connery. Well, Sean Connery was one of the main characters at the beginning. But it was also another main actor, I don't remember his new somebody the movie was all about, you know, these people that were invincible, and they keep chopping heads to, you know, you know, immortal, something okay, sounds like radio. I gotta check it out. Thanks for the call to New Jersey one point five was it you somebody who played the lead in Highland there. This is the first Christopher Lambert. Are they tried to TV show is well why Debbie they spun that off into a syndicated like when Lorenzo lamas was doing renegade. Highland. There was also running. I'm one of those networks, let's go to pizza Neptune. Joanne. Thanks for taking my call. I just deliver to pepperoni pizzas. Smell the car? Less people just get in the car and take a deep breath and then go outside, absolutely. As you be good. You know, cough fresheners like instead of having. You just have like pepperoni Mozart. Al New Jersey's work. What is your song? Ghetto? Well, it's not a love song. But I mean, I like the song, but it is depressing bohemian rhapsody. You know, what it kind of is depressing? Guys. Hi. Yeah. With that. I definitely agree with that. I hold on Joanna. We're put you on hold. I'll tell you one that I got as this goes way back Tom Jones. Okay. The green green grass a home. I don't know if I don't know. It's you gotta go back. It's like nineteen sixty five or something like that. But it's all about you know, down the lane. Here comes. Goal. The hair golden. And it's such a beautiful song. And then he gets her last verse. And you realize that, you know, he's going home to see Mary, but he's going home because they're going to hang them and lay him Neath, the green green grass a home. Wow. That's a did not see that minors. Mandolin rain. Hornsby song. Right. Hate Bruce horns, okay. Me. But it's just it's just between the lyrics and how the music song. I never really got into that deep. It's it's very depressing. Probably all Davis. I go crazy. Okay. Right. The one well, she's gone HOA notes. But that's a great anything. Dan fogelberg? Does I think that's why he died young? He was so for you. I feel six I actually put this question out the two of my good friends, and they both came back with tears from heaven. Oh, yeah. The story. And that's the thing when you really factored all in imagine. Like, here's the thing. But you imagine writing that and then living it and then going out having to performance, and I couldn't do it's.

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