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I you know we saw the people who disappeared and the people who stay exactly and then game we see. There's this group that steve rogers is leading dealing with the laws. But now all of these people have to deal with them coming back and the people that have been gone. Have to deal sort of in a manifest type moment where they've been. Did they disappeared. Now they're coming back. It's five years later all of that. That's what makes the. Mc you special is they throw in those little things that somebody's thinking about those those elements within the story. I bet you lip sync is for the people who were gone for five years. It's to sink them up with what's currently going on catches them up on may be blitzing. That'd be cool. That'd be really got a business idea now. Half the people disappeared for five years in combat. And let's yeah. Let's not so. Let's talk about the post credit scenes. They were actually two in this movie which is good sometimes rare for marvel movie but it was really cool to see you the first post credit scene which of course my favorite muslim in the movie. It was a long post credit scene. This one sets up where shonky in katie. Go from where we left off at the end of the movie What you can basically get from. The scene is that the rings have sent to beacon. Message thing someone somewhere all the answers got. Oh wait also along thing hotel california. Well that's very funny school today. That saw that movie last night. We're like walking up to people and singing hotel california. I'm hoping to introduce some kids to sit. Good old classic. Yes you want a little dad moment like this is not like a like a character. Moment valley person began knowledge moment. Okay did you know that there was like when i was growing up. That people relate convinced that that song was about like the satanic church. Yes okay all right all right. I'm pretty sure it's about drugs though. It is dr sam. What did you think when. Bruce carroll showed up. That was weird for there. Yeah i mean they're the people it was interesting that bruce's back as bruce and not hold. Yeah we think about that. And i think i figured out how he got out of there. There's a bracelet on his arm. That you know isn't messed up. That has a green button on it. And i'm wondering if that allows him to transfer from it's interesting but his arm still messed up needs to reach the top shelf at the store. You know he just real quick. And then i can get that hold on. I loved seeing. It did not hit me at first that this was bruce banner and that mattered him. Not being hulk at i it took i. It took me a little bit in the conversation right. It is a long seen the process that and then i was struggling. We talked about it afterwards last night. Trying to figure out what's going on is arms in a sling. You guys explained to me. Because he's still injured from the gauntlet that he did. There was a whole group of girls that sat behind. They hero danvers..

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