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More external driven. So yeah, so he's become a celebrity or kind of a savior in the world because he brought this energy source. And I'm like, oh man, here we go again. Yet another movie that's fighting over the energy source. How many superhero movies do we see? Were there some sort of energy force that's going to either save the world or destroy the world? Right, right? So as soon as this energy source is introduced and like, okay, they're not just going to leave it at this. No, no, no. And they did not. Oh, no, no, no. I'm just going to be honest at the beginning. I feel like this was this movie was one of the most complete versions of propaganda that I have seen in a really long time. And it's just like, I need all you really needed was captain planet to come out for sure. At the very end, at the very end. Literally heart. I know. At the end to get a heart beating again, heart. Well, I thought at the end, you know, when the heart had died, essentially, you know, we needed to basically a defibrillator to the introduce source. To bring it back and it would have been so just classic, I guess, for, you know, the tears of the one who was the feeling, he literally, if you were to give captain planet powers to each one, Ethan was hard. For him to be crying over the heart and then his tear to go down. You know, he's waiting for the tears. Yes, the tier needed to come. And I was like, oh, it's so stereotypical. And I feel like I needed that. Yes. It was such a mist this moment. I mean, so cheesy. Like, hell yeah, the critics would have just been like, oh, are you kidding me? Right, then when you give us the fact that you didn't give us this, it means my heart broke right there, right? Right. Come on. You're so close. The fact that they're using this energy source. So basically, it's like he's come in, he brings in, he plants this energy source as he would call it, which is like, okay, is this a message of basically over nuclear Brussels sprouts? Right. Which goes back to our one conversation where our favorite vegetables and Brussels sprouts really are. One of the king of all vegetables for sure. They really are. So that's what made me laugh too. I was like, oh, I'm working. But yeah, so at the very beginning, he's going through and he's picking up some of the Brussels sprouts. I'm like, oh, they're magic. Yay. Magic beans. Magic beans, you know, don't sell them. Those other California. Yes. But I guess these are now like little things of energy that this little ball which literal balls of energy that they can really type in. Yes. Like batteries that they shove into everything. And somehow also creates technology, planes that are able to fly without motors, carton wagon at the very beginning. And that was actually a really funny gag. I really liked where he was trying to fix his wagon wheel and he's going about it and the horse just walks off and he's like, oh no. But I have to say I've been in that situation before. Where I'm just like a crap, come back here. It's so great. I was like, oh, I feel this. I mean, the solution to the problem for the energy is nuclear power. Let's get real. The amount of nuclear waste for decades, you can fit into basically a tin can. And it's safe, it's reliable. Now, I think everyone looks at things like Chernobyl and now, suddenly, nuclear power is off the table, but it's like, okay, we're not going to do it like the Russians did it, okay? It's mister fission. Come on. We have power plants in the U.S., FYI. Right, we do. So, you know, that really is the solution, but for some reason no one wants to go there. All these other ways. So I guess like the thing is, so over drilling is kind of something that they would be comparing to in our days. And the fact that we've, yes, it's made our lives so much better, but we're going to sacrifice our lives for the heart of graffiti basically. Yeah, he's going back to, you know, he co directed me. I was like, well, why have the last dragon? So he's like, you know what? This taffy character feels real great in Moana. Let's break her back. And you know what? In Raya lust dragon, I really huddle these extra character designs. Bring them up. That's what it felt like, too. When they were doing it at the credits at the end, they're throwing up random creatures that were never part of the movie. Yeah. It was like, where did these creatures had eyes? And then in the credits, they're showing these creatures that have places and monsters. Yeah, totally. And I'm like, what, that was not that was not what I saw. Okay, going to character design. One thing that okay, so overall, my thoughts with this film is very disjointed. It was all over the place. And going to character design, I felt like the characters, there was two different sets of characters from two different character design philosophies. The first one was the clade family. And also the new clade family. Where they had these big bulbous noses, they had these very cartoony eyes. Jigger specifically was so Chuck Jones over the top squash and stretch. Very much I felt like these were kind of like genbi tartakovsky characters where it's just really overdone, especially with the eyes. Like I felt like when I was looking at searcher, he reminded me of the boyfriend from hotel Transylvania. Yes. Like a lot. Yes, a lot. Where I was like, wow, is he getting the car to gossip in the credits? Because he could have done your character design. So we have them. And that's fine. And then we have just like everyone else. Ran the background characters who don't really have names for, who's like they noticed when they went down into the body of the creature. These background characters that were on the ship were never really around. They just pop in when they needed to. I thought that was kind of annoying, but then the main one, girl was the president of the town, society, kalisto. She was the one from the beginning adventure. And she was this other set of character designs that were more grounded in reality. They had more realistic faces and based on different cultures. That you could kind of tell that they weren't the cartoony versions. Yeah. Literally, I feel like police show. It felt very Raya. I've totally Raya. Yeah. I was just like, you could have been the sister to the one girl with the shaved head. Right. I get you. And I didn't love that. I felt like it really took me apart. It felt like I was watching just a mash up of maybe two different movies. So that's that. Ultimately, they either need to all be cartoony or all not. So I'm not sure why they chose this

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