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I tell you the things that are struggle with the most. Other callers is the lack of respect for this government this president his office. Our flag all of it. And as far as I am concerned Alexandria. Whatever. Her name is Cortez. Cossio Cortez is she? Her followers tweeting that they were going to snipe Steve Scalise infuriated me so badly. And I applaud cliche because he handled it with such grace and dignity richer to things that are seriously missing from the Democratic Party. So disappointed and for the life of me. I cannot understand why they don't recognize how they are embarrassing themselves. It's a laughing stock in other countries, they're making our government, a laughing stock. I don't know if this party as it is right now will ever recover. Clark. President Trump for his tenacity, and I pray that he will continue to be a steadfast. I just wanted to say that Benson. I'll hang up now. I appreciate your call, by the way before you go. I'll just repeat something. I've said before the ideologically speaking the Republican party is dead. And what you have now in the form of Donald Trump. He is simply an undertaker who is manipulating the corpse of the Republican party. That's all I don't disagree with that. At all. I do not disagree with that at all. And I I applaud what he's doing. I I appreciate that. He is doing his very best to keep things as in control as you possibly can. But he's up against a force. That is unafraid sometimes might be greater than he I feel for him. Pray for him every single day. And I hope and pray that eventually this wall will get built or some form of a of a fence or something to keep these people out. Very idea the very idea that this wonderful Mary rahmael scene was shot by an illegal alien, and I don't recall perhaps they'd be on roles. I don't recall hearing one single democrat express concern or sympathy for Mr. scenes family. But by golly, you can bet your bottom dollar that. They are up there singing and shouting when. Border patrol uses pepper, spray or tear gas or something back down a barrage of people trying to storm their way into this. Invade is what it comes down to. And you're absolutely right. Suzanne I do appreciate your call. And I understand where you're coming from this. This is the reason why so many people are furious about the this wife said, I don't necessarily embrace all of Donald Trump's methodology. But I'll tell you this. If he's going to be that person who's going to run off the mouth, just go ahead and burn it all down. Go ahead. That's what I want to see him. Do just take it all down and watch everybody, you know, scamper around in panic. But I want to see a lot more action than just talk. You got a way to do this wall with an executive order or something like that? Go right ahead. Go ahead. And blow up this issue. I mean. I don't know what else to say about this really don't coming up..

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