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Yeah i'm watching him lot of sliders solas he's combating he's finally getting a slaughter over and is doing. Well you know. Obviously kendall agreement is the guy you really have to rostrum seattle's bullpen. But i do think. Paul sewell does ahead of drew stuck and writer for some saves there any other situations that we have to mention. Where do you stand on minnesota's today. They never win. I think it's i think it's a combination between hans robots and taylor rogers and i think it was a month ago and i think either or both could be traded. Because they're clearly out of it now. Now it's it i think it's almost mandatory. They trade row bliss which is why howard seeing forced into save chances when he's he's the clearly inferior pitcher of the to clear. Yeah but rogers pitched in that game yesterday. Said him up. yeah he was. I didn't he was very good. I wanna see rogers going to san francisco with his twin brother. I think that'd be fun right. Twin brother who throws side arm underhand taylor. The left from minnesota does not do that. But i'd like to see that happen but again nobody's going to make a trade until the absolute deadline. Which is what two weeks from. Friday july thirtieth so it is three weeks from friday. I think three thirty the deadline. It's a saturday. It's three weeks from saturday. No but they moved into friday wherever they didn't want to do it over. Nobody wanted to work. Thank you for doing that. You just save me. Have an update forecasters at six. Pm on a saturday. Well i don't feel like doing it on six. Pm on a friday. Either better than the amount of saturday definitely better than that. Okay moving along. Now let's take a look at the schedule for the next couple of days. Really only a couple of days here because we'll have a show on thursday. Let's see today. Tuesday oh you. Espn's got a double header. It's got milwaukee at milwaukee on fire and opening up a big division lead here and that see the cubs are going to sell because milwaukee has such a big lead but the phillies can't sell because the methadone anyway jake. Degrom is on the mound today against anderson. Every degrom outing is worth watching Even against milwaukee. And you know i just i just wanna seem healthy. And i'm also interested to see you starts also because philadelphia zach. Wheelers season won't be to graham. Why can't these pitching sunday. Well he may pitch sunday. The mets have options to fill enough of their games for the week too. Not start degrom on sunday. But but you're right. If they scratch him he could start the all star game. We'll see jared goff again. And they got him to resign in one deal. Yankees are in seattle. Jameson tie on kind of unimpressed with against sheffield. Is there anything. They were tyrone. I don't know if there is. I've not been impressively. no i. There could be. But i'm not seeing it. There's nothing actionable today. Espn plus as reds at royals lewis. Cass theo who had a great june great june and was a lucky couple of those games like his last most recent outing he he cruised into like the fifth inning. I've got him on multiple teams and then he gave up a couple runs in the six. When he wasn't even in the game the reliever gave them up least gets to. You is going to be really good for the second half of the season and he's already been good for the last six weeks. You should get them so for streaming purposes. You know a streamer stephen math at baltimore. I don't want to activate them in a league. I can do that in. Should i win no small. No it's in baltimore and they do have some guys who can cause headaches matchups. Why i don't like it. Nope they have all star cedric mullins. They do leftovers. Left you there so but it's actually been pretty good of late. He's facing jon. Snow and colorado on the road is awful. The arizona anywhere is awful. Colorado historically poor at course that arizona. I know i'm just saying that. Even a course. They are on track for their worst offensive season as a franchise in their own games. So think about what that means on the road. It means badness Sorry using merrill. Kelly today why not. Yeah and use them over. Stephen matt's to wednesday. Espn has Dodgers marlins with no pitchers so i think the hitters are gonna hit off a t. On wednesday and they probably going. Julio reas the marlins have the problem because they demoted could be jordan. holloway jordan. Holloway was the one they demoted. They'll they'll call up a guy like that just to pitch that game. Whatever the case is watched dodgers marlins. Because it's good baseball. Somebody will start those games so the hitters don't have to hit off a t and the dot product. Starting i would think so. I mean you don't think about this because you know their ace. Pitcher is pitching this week but somebody has to pitch dodgers and is not the price who can't go deepen the weird situation with david price season. I'm disappointed because yes. I believed that david price would be a decent starting pitcher. A top forty starter. This year he would go six innings per game. He'd be fine that they're not even trying to make him a starting pitcher. He's not stretched out for anything. It's very strange. Yeah was the injury really. He's giving utility in the nfl. Only leagues for the most part. And that's about it. What else do we have. Oh patrick corbin and chris paddock interesting match there again. Patrick corbin you know you never know from the outing doubting what he's gonna do. I think if it got him in a weekly. It's it's kind of frustrating. Because i've got him in a weekly and i don't know what to do with i just leave of now. You lost your second. Start in the weeklies are. He's not starting sunday. No no he was supposed to start today and they pushed him back to give them arrest so he can't make two starts this week now and it's a san diego game. Yes disappointing knob. Sonny gray on a pitch limit. Apparently even though he threw eighty six last week off the injured list. He's i can't city you're gonna wanna use in. They're even on a pitch limit. I mean if eighty six is the limit or ninety. That's still pretty good and then thursday and we'll discuss thursday on thursday. Don't forget the double header. Because of the cleveland tampa bay games were there avoiding the hurricane. So they've got a double header on wednesday at his correct. So make sure you look. I mean tuesday today games wednesday. Lots of games thursday. Lots of bay game. So if you're in a daily and you're in you're in july and you're still paying attention you should know when there's going.

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