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On the go. W T o p never miss a moment. Good evening. I'm Hillary Howard. I'm Sean Anderson. Mike. Okay. This is our producer just ahead. They watched it come down, reflecting on the Lee monument here in Richmond. I'm Neal or couldn't stand security preparations underway ahead of a rally in support of those who attacked the U. S. Capitol. I'm Mitchell Miller today on the hill. Why? Some Prince George's County residents are getting a safari view in their backyard. I'm Michelle Morella. Out. Closed down. 69. NASDAQ Down 88 Points S and P closed down six w. T o p at 6 31 For 131 years it stood as one of America's biggest monuments to the Confederacy. But this afternoon, the most famous and controversial landmark on Richmond's Monument Avenue is gone. W T. O P S Neil Augenstein was in Richmond, where the Statue of Robert E. Lee came down less than a couple of hours after heavy equipment arrived at 21 FT. Bronze Statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Was hoisted off its pedestal by a crane. Within a few minutes, it was lowered gently to the grass of this park on Monument Avenue. Hundreds of people most taking photos and videos watched and cheered as the statue came down more than a year after Governor Ralph Northam ordered it be removed. And after months in the port and the decision from the Virginia Supreme Court, this monument to the Confederacy is now down in Richmond Mill Organ Sting. Double U K E L P new. It's not just down, it was cut in half to be taken to a storage facility. The giant granite pedestal is staying at least for now, and its final resting place is still to be determined. Sean 6 32..

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