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ESPN radio the ESPN APP and Siriusxm Channel Eighty. I WanNa start off Mike with something that you and I have talked a lot about football frenzy which you can hear five to ten on Sundays. What is going on in Dallas? What would be the reason why Jerry Jones has not made a decision yet on Jason Garrett because Mike I felt as though I know that this was a foregone conclusion weeks ago after the Patriots loss in Foxborough I thought foregone conclusion Jason Garrett would no longer be the head coach so you've been in NFL for an offices you've dealt with owners? Why would Jerry Jones be holding off on this? You know. That's a great question. We've obviously discussed this In detail over the last couple days you know. Clearly if Jerry Jones had any proclivities to WANNA keep deep Jason Garrett they could have gotten the deal. It's very easy deal to do a contract extension with a coach. That's already in the building so we saw Jerry Jones when he wanted Ezekiel Michael. Elliott August Ezekiel Elliott was in Kabo had multiple years left on his contract. That could've franchise him and Jerry still out and signed him so it shows you that in all likelihood there's going to be an extension now. Everyone feels that way. We all think that thing but what what is the delay I don't know. But here's the bigger concern and I don't think they're gonNA lose out on their head coaching candidate. Because I'm sure behind the scenes Stephen Jones who runs the organization day to day. Anthony is as you know in touch with the candidates more poorly their agents. So I don't think necessarily like Ron Rivera was the guy they wanted anyway. However were the if I'm a cowboy fan and here's where I should be very very concerned? The assistant coaches fly off the board. It is the wild wild west. There is no salary cap. And I'm just picking out the name here. Let's say that they wanted to hire head coach axe and head coach. Jack del Rio Will Jack Del. Rio just became part of Ron Rivera staff in Washington so from that standpoint. You're starting to put yourself at a competitive disadvantage. And if I was a Dallas Cowboy Fan that would be my bigger concern talking about Jerry Jones and why he might be holding off on and I don't want to be insensitive here because we're talking about a man's job but why might be holding off on relieving Jason Garrett of his duties and designed for straight talk brought to you by straight talk wireless Bobby Carpenter. ESPN football lanos was on Golic and Wingo earlier. Said Jerry might be looking for reasons to Cape Jason Garrett. Is there another lever that we can pull. Could we bring someone else on the staff. Is there like a CO head coach. The we can throw in there. Isn't there a mentor. A fellowship program. Is there something we can do. The try to provide you another avenue to keep you on this stuff because you know what I really like you. He tagged him. He hired him before he hired. Wade Phillips Phillips then when when he gave him the job like he was expecting him to be the answer. Answer Jerry look like a genius the guy that provided him the opportunity for like this next hall elephant coach Tomlin Injury in. It hasn't worked out yet and I don't think he's ready to give up on it. Mike I know that Bobby Carpenter again. You heard earlier earlier today. Golic and Wingo and he's going to join us a little bit later on and talk about not only this subject but also some college football because we got a lot of ball games. Of course you've got the big one between Lsu and Clemson. But I think with what Bobby said there. There is some truth there even even if you shine a kind of a little bit I wonder if Jerry Jones is thinking to himself I do WanNa be the guy that was right about Jason Garrett and there's some loyalty here the only other reason I think that he might be holding onto Garrett. Is that at that next candidate. Isn't there the one he wants. Whoever that may be? Maybe it's in the college ranks. Maybe you know it's it's Matt rule or it's not the Lincoln Riley I was GonNa go anywhere you and I've talked about this a lot. But that guy that he wants is an available or is telling him no and then he's circling back and say. Well maybe Jason Gary. We'll be okay for another another year Look I think anything's on the table. Look candidly we're all speculating. I just tell you that it's a very big competitive competitive disadvantage and the assistant coach pool that they're hurting themselves. And you know what else is interesting to me. Anthony is Jerry. Jones has been called a lot of things by a lot of people over. You know whatever the last twenty twenty five years he has arguably you know. Maybe the most forward facing position of the most valuable franchise in all all of American sports clearly won most valuable franchise in all the world. But I think what we're seeing fundamentally at the end of the day here Anthony. He's human and I. Actually you find this to be somewhat admiring while it's maddening from a football standpoint like come on let's get on with it. Let's get on with the search. I think there's something really Romantic attractive active about the fact that like he has real feelings for the sky. And I think that says a lot about jury as a human being and if I was next coach. There's something about it. That's actually admirable. which which is he cares? Deeply about Jason Garrett. I think there's there's a lot of good in that Mike Tannenbaum former. NFL General Manager for the jets worked in the Front Office for the Miami Dolphins uh-huh while the last couple of years joins me Anthony Salter. This is the Dan Le Batard show with Stugatz on. ESPN radio the ESPN APP and Sirius. Xm Channel Eighty so as we await the decision vision by Jerry Jones on whether or not he's going to retain Jason Garrett goes somebody else. Mike we do know that Ron Rivera former panthers. Coach is in place Nice. Now he will be the next head coach for the Washington Redskins. He also name this morning. His defensive coordinator which is Jack Del. Rio Washington Tin has been another spot. As you know Mike that has just been eight an Albatross. They can't figure it out. Daniel Snyder can't figure it out delight to hire of not only Ron Rivera. But his decision to go Jack del Rio as his defensive coordinator I I do. and Ron Rivera will bring a lot to the table experience. Success coach of the year relate ability to player so I think he checks a lot of boxes. I think it's a good higher. Yo Jackson head coach before Presumably he's is gonNA keep Kevin O'CONNELL Kevin was a guy that played for me at the jets. Really Really Bright Guy. Really Smart So I think the continuity for join Haskins is important so Coming out of the box if you're telling me that it's Kevin O'CONNELL coaching Twain Haskins. And It's Jack Del Rio coaching Defense with Rana rare. I think it's a really really good. Start for the Russians. I do too. I mean that's a lot of experience there. I think thad both guys will. At least maybe provide some stability there some experience. And if Daniel Snyder can get out of the way they should be fine straight talk wireless everything for less only at Walmart. It's time for Sports Center on the Dan Le Batard show on this New Year's Day. Hey we have a handful of great college football matchups to ring in the twenties in a in the two new year six games Wisconsin puts their five game symbol winning streak on the line against Oregon in the Rose Bowl in Sunny Pasadena while Georgia and Baylor meet for the first time since the nineteen eighty-nine certain one thousand nine hundred nine in today's sugarhill but that is far from the only college action as there are two big ten. SEC showdowns as well. You've got Minnesota looking for their first first eleven win season since nineteen o four. They're going to take on Auburn in the outback bowl. And two of the winning. And it's pro work programs. I was in college football history. They being Michigan and Alabama will square off.

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