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John mcenroe on read first female player ever no question if she played the man circuit she'd be like 700 were yeah that doesn't mean i don't think serena's like incredible player i do that smacked two days ago here serena's response i adore you please keep me out of your statement respect my privacy dry out of eight today on cbs this morning mack said he didn't mean this respect scams for tongueincheek but serena's comments were tongueincheek any wouldn't apologise and news that the day your serena on the cover of vanity fair this month pregnant j where are you on this where am i i'm not even in the room while this conversations going on because it's pointless men's tennis and women service are different sports is like wondering what our batting average would be in baseball pure speculation i'm also by serena with that polite claps act when she basically said keep my name out show mouth comes einstein entire debate if no relevant question i doesn't deserve a serious answer because it's three and at that it's not based in fact she doesn't play man she doesn't want to play man the only purpose of the questions thursday to highlight the advantages that men have into put women in their place serena williams is the most dominant athlete at her sport and that's where it ends for me but bush yeah i'm selling the question and say we should be far beyond is absurd question i'm so mcenroe we're talking about the question and use the word 700 where do you get that figure should be the answer the question i'm also film serena for even even engage in this debate and talk about a privacy she has eight point six million twitter followers talking about having a baby on twitter doesn't do much for your privacy she should have stayed out of it oh she comparing that through the discussion about the bensburg women invest in tennis and i'm just saying serena should have stayed actually that never even answered it should not decide even our question should have been honoured with an answer.

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