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Again. My name is Tom Olsen. The name of the show is also on law. Right here on Wdbo in Orlando. My guest today is attorney Jim Olson. He's my brother. He does actually work. And Jim, you've just made a big move from one law firm to another. Tell the listeners about it. Yeah, we were formally win and Malco. Uh, we've moved over to material Harvard. Which is Longtime firm here in Orlando. Been here about over 60 years. Uh, gives them a new practice area They weren't doing which is Rh away work, but it also helps us And our clients with a big full service law firm to do some things that we had to refer out the past eminent domain construction defect, things like that. So now we'll be able to do those in the house for our clients, and I think it will help everybody out and Be beneficial ultimately for the clients again if you've got an H O a question whether you live in a neighborhood or you serve on on H O a board will attorney Jim Olsen here is linked to lend us his expertise. You can call us with your legal question at 8445809326. Let's go to Michael and Winter Springs. Michael, you're on Wdbo. Go ahead. Hey, Good morning. Thanks for taking my call. Um, recently New on H o a board. And, um, primary question I called in was more about the enforcement. We've had lack of enforcement. I'm technically on the Architectural review board, and we just haven't really gotten much clarity about who should be taking responsibility for the enforcement of the covenants and the bylaws. How should that be separate from? Maybe the architectural review board? Yeah, Michael, one of the things that you know. Associations run in cycles where they go many years where they do enforced very strictly. And then you get boards who get very lax. And then you get new people like yourselves, and it seems like about a 10 year cycle. What you may want to consider doing is depending on the size of your association, of course. Uh, sending out a notice We call it a channel shipping letter. Channel Shipping was a case from several years ago that talked about prospective enforcement as long as you give notice. So things that you may not have been forced in the past. Uh, after this channel shipping letter, you'll be able to enforce them in the future and They won't have their normal defenses of selective enforcement and things like that. Jim, you've got me there. Chatto Shipping letter. Come on, Chapel chattels personal property right? It was chattel. Shipping is just the name of the case. Okay was Channel shipping versus I can't remember the other party, So Michael Michael's Architectural Review board historically has not been enforcing the rules of architectural review. But now they want to pick it up and start enforcing the rules so that you're saying that they can serve that now but not necessarily have to go back to the old ones that did not comply. Right, and it almost To a to an extent grandfather's things in okay, so that if I put up a fence, for instance, five years ago, 10 years ago, and the rules say no fences. Yeah, my friends can stay. But what this channel shipping letter also says is what stays is the fence, not the right to have a fence so that if hurricane brings it down Or a tree falls on it. Guess what? You've got to get rid of the fence and come into compliance. Uh, And that's what this channel shipping letter does is notify everyone that I cloak cloak. Willie referred to it as a new sheriff in town letter. Would that letter go out to all of the O A owners of the property? Okay, tell them. Hey, new new Sheriff in town. We're gonna start doing things by the book. You might say, right. Got it. Hey, Michael. Thank you for calling. We do much very much appreciate it. Hey, folks. My guest today is attorney Jim Olson. He is a H O Attorney board certified.

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