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And he was very involved in it on the defensive side. But of course Nick Sabin is a defensive guy. He's not by trade on offense guy, so does he look at it and go Kay while I can work around it. If I have a an inexperienced defensive play caller whereas on offense. It's not not something I wanna get into. I don't know the thought process behind that. But, you know, for some of the people, I've talked to remember, John shoop, who's some big ten remember North Carolina fan. He was the first person to hire gathered when he was on Butch Davis staff. He was North Carolina's offense coordinator. And he said, you know, there's the judgments as Joe Moorhead talked about, but he said in my first years offense, coordinator, I was with the bears and we went eleven and three in the NFL. He said, so, you know, it there's an adjustment. But you'd never know in the middle of it. But he goes, I and this is shoot words goes, I'm I bet that Michigan offense will not underachieve Josh Gad, as he was that bullish on, on this guy. So, so the reason for excitement at the very least now back to Michael's question or the way, I kind of framed it the two guys, I suspect will not be there in a couple of years in their at their current schools were on the opposite end of the spectrum. And that was Chris ash at Rutgers, who's got such an uphill battle there. And lovey Smith. It'll annoy I just I think two years, a long time when you're when you're struggling at that level. Yeah. I mean we could go through all the obvious hot coaches not Nami. though. Those guys end up, you know pulling it out. Nick Sabin, Dan Mullen. I think we'll both be there. You know, people waiting for saving the slowdown, it doesn't seem like that's happening. I would agree with you. I don't like really. Tagger shifter's. It's one of those situations where now he has rescued himself from some pretty deep first year holes before. But it's one of those situations where the first season was so bad. And yes, people no, I think have a fuller picture of how bad things got under JIMBO. Worst APR in all the BS. But I just it's gonna be hard to fully dig out of that at a place where we've talked about this. I know we have before, like if you get if even if they continue to get better, you know, the, the standard of force as Mashal titles. So what's the best case scenario for Willie Taggart by your three nine and four? I just I don't see that happening. Mack brown. You know, I have mixed feelings about that one my little more confident him than I am in miles. Because of the staff he put together. That's the other thing, right? With, with less marbles wherever you think of the head coach. I think I don't think he, I think he thought he was going to be able to get more guys that you wanted on that staff you look at that. Staff is pretty underwhelming. Mack brown. Got a really good staff a UNC. I don't disagree with that..

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