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Good morning from the kelocom new center i'm jack robertson lycos comedy club has filed for bankruptcy after just about a year and business co owner kellyanne morrison was brave enough to take to facebook to announce the move to fans directly was a hard decision and it was scary decision and for the last week or two weeks i didn't know whether i wanted to keep the business going or whether i wanted to close it down more than us owned up to some of the reasons for the closure saying it was expensive to get comedians to town and business had slowed down in the summer months as well as the strain on his personal life twat twenty new troopers were sworn into the south dakota highway patrol on friday the class of twenty completed their year long at training and were signed new cruisers and to their duties stations highway patrol superintendent colonel craig price says dear ari working on next year's class prices they continue to look for people interested in a career in law enforcement this class this was the largest added since 2005 at joined in 1974 the patrol seek to carry one hundred eighty nine troopers fulltime abe lincoln demand has pled guilty to sexual contact with a girl under the age of thirteen anthony michael very your is facing up to fifteen years in prison and a thirty thousand dollar fine he'll be sentenced in november a thirty year old sioux falls man has been sentenced for sending nude photos to what he thought was a thirteen year old girl ryan juridical served six months in prison and paying a fine the girl djerba thought he was communicating with was really an undercover law enforcement officer and a 26yearold woman died at the grass fire in western at south dakota on tuesday morning the fire i started running ten am and kuster county according to emergency management director mike carter just over two acres burned there were several buildings that rossel burned and one house that was occupied the fire and the death are both currently under investigation from the kelocom new center i'm jack robertson the news watch never stops kelo news talk to ten twenty 1079 are you with news junkie if you're a curious person who has a passion for what's happening in our community and a gift for communicating information to others we've got a great opportunity for you kelo radio with seeking a parttime weekday news anchor the perfect person will be a self started with strong communication and writing skills one near of news.

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