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Have a very special one coming up today. So I'm ready to go. You're ready to roll? Yes, I have it and gentlemen, then let us proceed. Then with the little thing we call the far flung forecasts are weekly compendium of fascinating facts and figures each week. With the precision of a NASA rocket presented to us by our host and moderator, Dave Gus Grissom. For Oh, wow! Oh, 9 25 as we continue to watch a unity 22 As it is set to blast off into space. We're going to go back in time, however, and go to a little town called Dayton, Tennessee population of 7191. As of the 2010 census dropped down about 3000 people from graph from, uh this previous show you like I give such precise censuses. I was waiting for you to try him in and I didn't hear anything from you. Captivated by her every single one. And and did, you know? Did you know that Dayton, Ohio was settled around 18 20 as a town called Smith's Crossroads? I did not know probably because it was named for a man named Miss Smith. Crossroads was gonna say that crossroad Crossroads maybe crossroads. Yes, but we bring up Dayton, Tennessee today because it was 96 years ago today. That what was termed the trial of the century was going on the John Scopes Monkey trial boy taking place 96 years ago. It actually started on July 10th, but it was in full swing. Wonder what radio station might have broadcast. There really was a radio station that was only on the air for about a year or two. Prior to that ground, Very W G. And right, right? And we have the mic. We actually do have the microphone that was used. It's down the hall. It's down the hall in a showcase it was It's in my briefcase. Get that on eBay as quick as I can. Now, the I wish. I wish I could have met this man. And I don't know if we have any air checks of the early days from Quinn Ryan. Yes what? Why are you laughing? We don't have air chairs of our shows. Well, that's there's a reason why, you know, I'm talking to Quinn Ryan from 1925. WGN radio spent $1000 a day what to broadcast this trial. That was a lot of money. 1925 and Quinn Ryan was an extraordinary broadcaster. A real pioneer, set the pace for that. Doing the broadcast from Dayton, Tennessee, in 1925, and I have to. I have to tell you we visited the actual building. It's still there still in use as the county courthouse in Dayton, Tennessee, there's a museum in the basement. W. G. M and the Chicago Tribune are prominently mentioned to this day. That's a big deal down there, and every summer they do. Re enactment of the trial because the play inherit the wind was based on this everything. So the Dayton Tennessee is still very much a part of American history and the Scopes monkey trial 96 years ago today. Dayton, Tennessee is a nice day going for it. 72 degrees going up to 81 here. Still not where the only monkey son W. Here. Chicago's very own W G. Welcome.

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