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I i was was like like i'm not getting my wife was like we gotta get rid of this fucking thing i was like no it's got the episode of all in the family but now with now that's great because every now and then when i'm feeling creative a writer's block i will go and watch the sammy davis episode of all in the family which i think is the greatest ten minutes of television sitcom history the writing was just like wow you couldn't but but like on the family there's no way you get that on tv right now i don't think you could i mean i don't even know if you get the jeffersons on tv to tell the truth well i mean not to bring my i hate people who bring their self into the conversation but you're like when i was doing the house racist on rose battle as basically told by certain executives we love you but we can't have that on television ever we have sponsored and i was like well i can tone it down like and they were like dude can you and that's what got me into battling they're like well we don't wanna lose you but it ain't going to be through that can you battle and so yeah i i don't think you could show it's all it's all money you know i do something on my facebook fan page work at working people facebook ford slash for facebook dot com slash josh wolff comedy but it's something called high live why did.

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