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And if you're wondering what this foam is if the anticipation is killing you this movie is Bahia mean rhapsody now what is Bahamian wrap. See what's basically a Queen biopic. It really more focuses on, Freddie. Mercury. You know? And it's got Remmy Malik playing, Freddie. Mercury which I have to just applaud I think it's an amazing casting choice. I wasn't sure about it at first like, you know, what I haven't seen Remmy Malakand too much. Yeah. He was in twilight breaking breaking dawn, part two. Yeah. He's on mister robot, which I've heard is a really good show. But I don't really personally I didn't really personally know much of what he was in. So it's like, well, I don't know if he's a good choice or not. I just don't, you know? It's just the reality. There's a really cool Cameron this movie with Mike Myers. I will get into he plays a character. I think it was. Really, really fun. But so this movie basically follows Queen from their start from their humble beginnings like their rise to the top all the way to them playing it Live Aid. It's about a two something our movie like I want to say almost two and a half hours. But it didn't drag on it really did. And it was one of those movies. Like, man, you just kind of it was one of those -biotics where it gripped me. And it just didn't let go and I didn't want it to make. I just love how they did the movie like Remmy Malik does a great job. Look like, Freddie. Mercury. He can sing really really. Well, you know, they have a bunch of scenes where they like they do a bunch of really great songs. It was kind of cool. See how the band originally came together? It was really kind of cool to see that to see a bit of, you know, Freddie, mercury's, you know, home life. You know, where he was going at first. You know, how the band came together? There's some really cool scenes about like, you know, they do we will rock you. And also, it does look like, you know, Freddie. Mercury sexual -ality. Just does it's kind of a part of the story. And it's really cool to just see what I got. It was so much good about this movie. Where do I even begin? So it starts I there's one really cool moment on I talked about Mike Myers where he plays one of their producers for one of the record labels at one point. And the big moment comes to they do, you know human rhapsody, the actual song, and, you know, the record company, and you know, Mike Meyers character is believe character believes that. Well, the song is too long. It's a seven minute song. There's no way people are gonna listen to it. It's too long. It's not going to do. Well, it's gonna bomb. It's just what's going to happen. They pretty much refused to play it. They refuse to make lake. You know, the top saw one of the top songs on the record. And he's just like nobody stations ever gonna play it. Right. So what's going to happen? And there's a funny history about this on where it at first didn't really do that. Well, it didn't you know, and a little movie in the nineties that Mike Myers happened to be in. You know makes makes a joke about it. Which is basically the gist of it is he says, you know, well, you know, what do you think someday kids you'll be the sentence in this car in their cars, head banging, I mean, I don't see that happening. If you've seen Wayne's world, you know, that's exactly what happens. And so the little history of that song is, you know, Mike Myers when they were getting ready to shoot Wayne's. What was like I wanted to do this song? And they're like, we don't know if you do that song. I don't think it's going to do well on. I think he got to a point. I've heard where he was ready to walk. He's like you either. Let me do Baheen rhapsody in this scene and trust me or no more movie for me. So they're like, okay fine. You can do human rap seeing that scene when you're all on the mirth mobile and listening to it fine. You can do it..

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