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Welcome back. You're listening to Barkan flag around pet life radio. And I'm Jody Miller young. You know, it was incredible. All of these amazing Costin's you've done. I think one of my favorites. I know yours is the circus car. But one of my favorites was the sweet shop and a reason for that was having thing tugs dressed up. I mean, the dogs are cute enough as they are but dressed up as a Hershey's kiss or have candy. I mean come on lately. So I need to hear about this. What? Makes. This and what was involved to bring it to fruition. Thank originally. We had some other ideas if I'm not mistaken, right? But you a lot of ideas around that one was Benton come to us so easily, but we decided Halloween was all about candy. And once we got that idea. We just ran with it. And they float up more elaborate, the dogs, costumes got more laborat-, and we just we had a four with this one. And I was like color color color. Plenty of that for that. You'll see when you see the pictures on the side, everyone it is. So and people would just stop in their tracks. I remember, you know, they had a real standout. We had candy jars on free shelves and just gave out Gandhi to all the spectators is giving. We were I didn't get candy that year. A little bit more difficult, especially the Hershey's kiss. It was I had to redo it about three times to get it, you know, to stand up on her and yet become visible. So that the first couple like when she would lay down the whole Hershey's kiss would collect. Oh my God. That'd be like well that. Would you make on the sofa was actually a very thin silver? What do you call it with LeMay, very sore civil may, and then underneath that was a very thick stabiliser and a little bit of a foam to give it to give it the shape, and I had to like bend, and I actually sewed the farm into a form that would actually be stiff enough, but also when she laid down it would Fall River. It was added to it over three times to finally get it. So that it would that it would look good on her like that. And the most fun though was the cotton candy. I loved that one. That was my. Yeah. I did use spray Gloser dismount. And this one was fine. It was just cotton batting. And I laid it out on the front lawn with pink and blue spray paint and just pulled out little bulls. And I actually made a white fleece jacket for him first. And then I took the cotton candy and somebody can I spent some of the blue I didn't want it all pink because he's a boy and everybody thinks he's a girl. So I promised I would give them some blue. So I made a rainbow. Cotton candy, and I sprayed it, and then I spray painted the whites Meese jacket with spray glue. And then just stuck the cotton balls to it. It's two pieces. And then there's the head pieces more like a like a fluid that actually is underneath this chain and above his head. And then the little the cone is actually made of paper just rolled paper. I wanted to be as realistic as possible, and we just stuck that to the top. And you just walked with it on. He was fine. It was very. Lightweight and very comfortable. Oh my goodness. And have you ever? I mean, it's dogs. We're talking about two who are unpredictable in terms of the movements and everything else. Have you ever had a fashion faux pas moments on when actually on if they get tired? They would lay down and take a little rest and the events usually where over three hours. Oh, yeah. So you know, you have to let. Beat dogs. You know, like if you can't, you know, sticking long been. Yeah, we'd leave it off for a little bit. And we put it back on and with it. Yeah. It's loose. It's lists. Yeah. You ladies are always part of the act. So what did you dress up as for the sweetshop? Well, I was a soda machine, and I had my hair actually going through the the soda bottle and coming out into a Cup. So. Yes, really creative. It was like to get involved with the whole theme. So yeah, I wish had Gumbo machine. And I actually made the bulls out of Well, I I did the clear bowl and the fine. And then I painted all the different like the most from college and put them inside the bowl undefined a little little hat on my head to look like the little cap at the top of the machine and with the it also made out of that same civil LeMay. And but a little tumble that came out a little shooting a fine. Oh my God. Full. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think so I think so too. You know, some people we're not one of them because we all are really conscious about what we put on our dog. But you know, some people are against dressing your dogs. I think it's mean, they think dogs aren't supposed to be dressed up. I know that you make special effort to make sure that what you create for the dogs both in the way of the sets and the costumes keep that in mind. Tell us a little bit about that. What you consider the typically Julie that actually one of the things that we do is. We make sure that we do have tethers to the structure NASA. Keep the dogs loose faith. We have I mix the costumes have an area where you can get to the harness. And then we have the tether that cooks to the harnessed. So that they really can't fall off. But they're able to move around and can move around each other. They could lay down they could stand up, but they're a little they're safe. Sure. And we'll of course, the lip on the floats for safety. So that when they do lay down they can't slip off and feel secure. That's great. And you would also said about, you know, the floats that you want them to be off the ground. They're small dogs. Right. Yeah. With over five it'll save. Yeah. You do want wrap high protected? Yeah. I mean there are so so many people and so many dogs big dogs small dogs and chickens. I always remember the chicken lady Gaga is her name. Yes. Tickets yours. Yeah. Still goes to events. Yeah. Absolutely. So Lynn, you retired Baxter was in two thousand seventeen. I retired him. Seventeen from a big events. He used to do a lot of fundraising and fashion gala, and we used to travel all over the United States, and he has thirteen so we cut back a little, but we still support all the groups and we still dressed up for Halloween. Yeah. But you became a judge instead at the Tompkins square last year, I was chosen as a judge which was a lot of fun from all the. Yeah. Tell us about the experience about being a part of the selection processes as opposed to being in front of the audience well after doing three winning years with our floats. I was very honored. When I was asked to be a judge. I know what goes into the carriages and the floats and good opportunity to use my experience to judge the other entries and also you get to see every single costume, which also plus and it was pretty easy. A lot of them just popped and you were able to say that's a winner. You know, early on the contest, you knew what you were looking for would definitely, you know, surprise, some people have so much creativity. And it all comes out at these events. Yeah. And one of them that definitely pop was yours. Diana the first year that you participated without your designing partner. Tell us about that costume, and what went into creating that. Because that one first place, right? Yes. Yes. I decided what can I do with my two dogs? 'cause when Lynn which wasn't gonna do with that year. I said, okay. So I came up with the idea of the of an aquarium store water fish tank, and then a friend of mine are Shivarine said that she would like to to do it with me. So I said, okay. So we actually built this fish time together. And I did and I made the costumes so she just left the ideas to me, and the costumes were I did Japan was a blue and gold salt water angel fish Jonah was my favorite. She's. He's a venomous lion. Fish, which is just so beautiful and her dog is named Penelope Yorkie. And that was the clown fish, and it was really fun making these costumes and keeping them. Nice and colorful and doing all the spikes on Jonah for the lion. Fish was and working with how am I going to get them to not only stand out from the costume? But also be sore. I didn't wanna use like pirate cleaner because that just bends up, and we'll look terrible after a couple of spins around the fish tank, but I wanted it to bend and moves with so, you know, and not get damaged by moving around in the fish tank and just move with her. And and it did I used actually optical wire inside fabric. And it worked forever. And you went you went to the pet shop owner, right? So I went into shop owner, which was originally my plan. And then I show went as a goldfish goldfish that kind of got out of the bowl so to speak goldfish. Kofi got away. Right. Right. Right. Well, congratulations on that one. That's great. You you welcome. And you can see photos of that on the page as well. Lynn in addition to Diana's saltwater, aquarium, what were some of the other standouts when you judge last year. Well, there were so many I can't remember all of them because we had so many this year. In my mind from yesterday. There was a tour bus that won best in show. It was really hard one because they were both so spectacular the tour bus had a French BULLDOGS on it and the whole family was involved again. But a lot of people do TV shows, very, like pot, culture culture. Yep. Absolutely. I think that's big every superhero. Yeah. Yeah. That's fun. And then you have your your standards that come every year. But they always have a different twist to them. There's always the witches and the the scary vampires and different things and some dogs just come cute cupcakes, and milkshakes and pajamas are butter. Yeah. But it's clever. I mean, New Yorkers come up with some very clever costume ideas that that was always my perception every year, you just went yesterday fresh in your mind, what was some standouts from yesterday. Well, the one that. Best in show. It was spectacular. It was had her and they made three teacups. I believe they were probably paper Michelle one on top of the other and the dog sat on the top. And both the owners were in the scene as well. And that did win best in show that was the standout. But one that I like that didn't win was these two lamas. Yeah. That. Yeah. A little. Was the Lama head. And then they constructed a whole Lama on wheels. Around this head. So that came wheeling out, and then the owner dressed up again with paper Michelle all handmade. I loved the handmade costumes William probably a three foot head on top of her own head. And I just thought that was wonderful. But unfortunately, I wasn't judging somebody else didn't think it was a winner. But that's okay. I mean, it was just so many when you have three hundred contestants. It's really hard to single out. Just a few for for prizes. Absolutely. Absolutely. So tell me what your babies were dressed up like this year, Diana. So we went as cabbage patch dolls cabbage patch twins. Side. I yeah, I put it on the stroller. And I made a box and made you know, made the cabbage patch twins box. And there were like inside the box and inside the boxes bottles and just as if it just came from the store bottles wash courts and their little shoes. They had the, you know. And of course, I made their outfits and they had let the curly red. They both had the curly red hair and look like little twins. You know, it's so funny. These things they they go away and they come back, but they never go away. Forever things like cat. Right. Pardon? Right. What about you? Lynn yours. Oh my God. What hued costume that was too? I love the little Turkish tell us about it. Okay. A friend of mine was over one day, and we were playing around with a pair setbacks had we added a little plumber's crack and a little push to the. And decided that he looked like a plumber for he should work at Home Depot. That's what we ended up going with. We got a little apron. That's at Home Depot little credit card holder, which was actually a little metal box was. So it looked like a little toolbox. And we just stressed them up. I went to Home Depot with him. All the employee's want those with him. So I do have a picture of him with about fifteen of the employee's particular one in the paint department. So that was a lot of fun. That's the one that we have the one with the guy in the paint department. I guess yes. That's. Yeah. That's he helped us with the paint believe it or not on the circus shop he helped us. Yeah. To our vital. So after coming in a dozen times, we became friends. And then he wanted to see what Baxter was wearing. And that's what we took that picture on another costume. I made for him years ago. But they brought it back was bubble gum stuck under shoe. And again, I don't so so people that don't so can still have fun. I pajama pink pajama and iheart. Glued little bubble. Gum pieces, all over the pajama. They cut a little hole for his tail and he wore a little cap also with bubble gum. And then on the back. I got a soft shoe, and I just attached it to the top. And that's what he was bubble gum. Stuck under a show? That is really cute. You're going to be able to see all of this again on the Balkan flagger page of the pet life radio site. Ladies Halloween is just a couple of days away. When you hear this? It might only be a day away or possibly today. Stay safe out there have fun have fun dressing up your pets. Make sure they're comfortable and safe and ladies, thank you..

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