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Nate silver Clare Malone and Mike echo in class what were some of your key moments in twenty nineteen that just stick out whether or not they were surprising I think the things like looking back Biden deciding to run I mean it's kind of been all and on one level because okay of course zero was going around but I don't think that was always inevitable and so the fact that he has remained a flawed but steady front runner co front runner however you want to say it is interesting and I I think his decision actually run is a big one looking back also in some regard instigated the Ukraine scandal right because if he doesn't run that and totally know your cattle and then I would say the other two things that stick out in my mind are the Muller report because it drove so much of it drove the party politics within the democratic caucus right you know that friction between the moderates and the progressives it so that it kind of help to find that dynamic and then of course I think you know the political event of the year is the Ukraine impeachments practice and it's funny that we have in a single year two tracks of impeachment in my mind maybe it's because I work at five thirty eight I really do separate out those of the impeachment stuff verses the campaign because I think they're different beasts and they have different angles and actually impeachment doesn't necessarily like serve the best alleged electoral masters the Democrats but I still think it's obviously a huge moment in the country so those are my three but I think it's been a crazy fall the ship to the dynamic of the election plus the Ukraine stuff is just what my.

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