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Lightning thief up events were awarded. Olympic games were awarded and their success or otherwise was really dependent upon the quality of the group that organizing willie down. My did a very good job in munich as you would expect. The germans were very thorough. Very precise was very well but if it was going to go somewhere else because it ought to go somewhere else you may not get that proficiency. The canadians took off the tech ashbury experienced and helped tremendously but even canadian showed that with the union problems and construction problems and corruption problems in roof problems and things. Things could go wrong so important thing that we gotta cross soap with several trips. They couldn't just hand over this to an organizer committee. They used to have the head to hand over the knowledge. They used to hand over the responsibility to recoup the code the flow of it would be and it wasn't necessarily that ran the london lympics. Don't forget dayton came in as being nubile terms of top businessmen. Yes they need to businessmen so the era was in the seventy s going into the eighties that aminata approach to running an event but like the church bizarre to becoming the professional importance of running these significant events as you move on that that's where the thing changed and that's when off avery. Brundage enough to lure callanan. You need a central and that's quite candid. Samaranch came in place has been revolutionized. A little nib- bankrupt office with a few stealth. Just look at it. Now thomas back taking on too even in the era look at the money back. In leading up to russia i was talking about twenty five million. Twenty five million is not even chump change today. Is it you know it's it's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions But that takes on the responsibility. You need professional people. You need talented people. You can't just hand it to. Somebody is a mate down the road that does things out of his garage. What it.

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