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And it's tricky of Orlando to get out of an existing contract. I would just put forward an alternative future theory. If you still don't want to world to isolate Ferrari with Charles Leclerc, be an option for Mercedes to go alongside Russell. But maybe just thinking of your question karoon, it's almost like this is a question for next year because I don't think we've just said I don't think McLaren account copy and paste that. As we've talked about earlier with that, I think I don't think McLaren are going to step forward. I think F one does really want to have a 2020 ten season. Do you think there might get with the big three from Mercedes are up there? But I don't see McLaren stepping forward. But there's no danger of him leaving any time soon because of the good work with the contracts. My decision would be wood Mercedes perhaps elsewhere, but also as Matt Q is written and he's very adamant about Audi, Audi coming in 2026. He's got to be a really attractive candidate for them Norris. Yeah, but that's still four seasons away. This is a long way. That's a long way away. What tracks do you go to that you see Lando mania busting out? Because he's hugely popular in some parts of the world, isn't he? This one? Everybody in merchandising? The British Grand Prix this year. Yeah, I was told he outsold Lewis this year. Obviously, number 46 fans, you know Rossi stickers on cars and you just sit out on the motorway and whatever. The only other one now is I've seen some Lando fours. Yeah, more than 44s. He's building. He's building to be a world champion. It would be a shame if he never did it. Same as leclerc as well. Absolutely. It's a wonderful, it's almost like a sort of analytically show, but a golden generation of driving talent when you think about Verstappen leclerc Russell and Norris, right? We've just built this whole scenario. What happens if Oscar pierce comes in and beat Lando this year? The same scenario I think applies to the ocon gasly thing. There's potential for career defining partnerships at the moment, a bit like Norris and Ricardo, right? Ricardo's reputation is never going to recover after PC is a McLaren. The pastry is in a win win, like George was last year, isn't he? Actually. But it's for me, that's an interesting one. Someone who hadn't followed PS3, I mean, really closely. It surprised me that he opted to take a year out. But that is the I'm not sure if he operated. He had a year out. He could have raced somewhere. Yeah, but he knew that he was like F one was the thing, right? So some people get into F one by going around the houses because they done 38 seasons in F two, or they've done formula E and they get their opportunity now. Whatever. And then there are some people that are destined to F one because they go this championship bang next bang. I'm not going to F one's door. We saw it with George Lando, Charles and Oscar was the next one. He was almost ashamed of their kind of together. But yeah, I think it will be interesting. If he has to use the most exciting, we're getting ahead of our questions. I know. We're going to be the most exciting rookie that we've got on the grid this year. Okay, let's also talk about an issue that we touched on, which is Fernando Alonso seems to have discovered the elixir of eternal youth because I was watching some videos of him turning up, shaking hands, doing hugs. And he looks great shape. You wouldn't bet against philando Alonso. Your question is, is the Alonzo Aston Martin partnership, a match made in heaven or hell? Why do you want to answer them? It really will depend on how competitive it is. People often ask me, one of the most frequently asked questions, actually, is who's your favorite driver? And I don't actually have an answer because from the cut and grade I don't like to pick a favorite. But I always say any of them. But I always say to people, if I had to choose one that I enjoyed watching the most, it's Fernando Alonso. And I enjoy listening to his team radio. We are the benefit of listening to all of the radio on an open channel. In the commentary box, and it's interlagos last year. There's a three stop race that he was doing. Really complicated strategy. But he's in the car in the middle of the race and he's telling the engineer gasly is going to do this and sources going to do this. And he's going to do this. So make sure we do he's worked out what everyone else's strategy is. And how he needs to combat that. From the cockpit. He's one of the most intelligent drivers ever to have raced in Formula One. And he is still motivated. He just wants to be successful. If the car is competitive and if the team is on an upward trajectory, I think that relationship will go fine. If he sees that it's stagnant or it's not fulfilling his expectations, then I think it could be slightly tricky. And he really busted open the summer break last year. It made it interesting for us to report on Formula One because that kicked off all the dominoes fell. He sees the moment, didn't he? He sort of, I think he looked at his opportunities and how things are going without being keyed realized, the reliability factor there, things like that. Can we make a good point about our penis going back a little bit if they can improve the reliability of their engine there? They're going to make a step forward points wise. But just going back to Fernando Alonso and the level that he's at. He's so good. He's really interesting just to give the listeners the readers a tiny bit of insight into how I mean you probably fairly obvious into how things work or auto sports dot com specifically on the website. We look at which drivers do well, which stories get the most numbers and what happens actually surprising thing about Fernando Alonso is he doesn't score astonishingly highly. He's pretty average. And I just find that so strange that people are almost not caring so much. Maybe it's just because maybe we're different generation of readers, things like that. I don't know. But he's so good, especially at his age. I think he is sort of there are weird elements like that crash with stroll and the clipping ocon in Brazil. That was sort of weird. Why did Fernando's driving there go a little bit off? But he's brilliant. And I'd rather I think I said this on the podcast before. If I had to make a choice now, so for example, we know Felipe yovich, obviously I asked him as a reserve driver now. Reigning F two champion.

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