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So now, you know, my secret. This is Scott's yard pick up a Scotts turf builder program today. Komo AAA traffic. We do have a major problem in the Kent Des Moines area, I five northbound on the off ramp to state route five sixteen that's can't road. There is a collision blocking the ramp. And also all of the eastbound lanes of five sixteen or blocked is will be on the scene. Otherwise, looking good on four zero five and not seeing any trouble spots on one sixty seven through the camp valley. No restrictions on snoqaulmie Stevens or white passes. I'm Mike conklin. Komo news. Our one weather will continue the next couple of days for high temperatures on Sunday will be in the upper fifties and the low sixties crisp start to the day with overnight temperatures into Sunday morning down to the mid thirties to the low forties could be some fog for the sound sound early Sunday. But beyond that good visibility is N -ticipant on Monday. Mid sixties expected with a low seventies a possibility into Tuesday rain back next Friday, I'm meteorologist heavy Coney. In the KOMO weather center. It's a northwest lifestyle weekend on KOMO news road trip or remote flyway adventures await continues. Here's Seth Wayne. All right. We welcome be back to KOMO news. Just a programming note that we will have our infamous mailbag show. I love when you send me all of your questions, I will be answering those and from.

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