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New member intro and you'll see I'm sorry go, to go to sorry about that go to fill toolbox and MVP to, returns, and, there they are all right listen. This, is unbelievable Listen what, Kramer Shan and the. Stock Michael, in, New York Michael Stay Lauder symbol e ally stock is really been marking time, since There were some very, small, things that. Were. Concerned the thing is the by for. Breezy afraid remarkable job okay so he's saying. It's been, marching, time some little things were wrong with the company Remarkable job really, then, how come. At. Dropped from one hundred and fifty eight. Dollars down to one hundred and thirty two Now here's the key Sixteen percent truck now he tells. Them to get in I put it. Up on my chart? What do I she it's still red ish red now the stock in, the, last. One two three four six days has gone from one hundred thirty three dollars to. One, hundred thirty five Percent and a half. Well guess what you shouldn't be buying. It because it's? Still? Red is telling you do not get it now because the big, hedge, funds, the. Big corporations the big pension funds the big insurance companies are not buying it yet It didn't even. Turn green and he's got this guy because he saying the she'll did a remarkable job, don't look like what that, means the CEO remarkable job she'll don't do, remarkable jobs shields don't do anything it's every underneath them we meet does? A remarkable job they? Come, on TV? Talk with Makomo job by what a stupid you buy stocks now because of this remarkable job you buy stocks because somebody, buying a stock, you buy stocks because. Who's buying what makes us dot co op institutions Where the, bigger buyers are stocked even, even more than the institutions the corporations because, now they can borrow money cheaply and they can buy their own shares They remember they. Bought seven trillion. Dollars worth of shares is two thousand and. Eight to two thousand fourteen and. Then six hundred fifty billion from two thousand fourteen. Every year two thousand eighteen now they're boosting up to. A trillion dollars that's what pushes the stock. Up then they print money. And into the stock market. But she the Bank stocks to push the market up I just, gave it to you sure dollars six hundred fifty billion. Dollars four hundred billion. One tree. That's what pushes the market up money money pushes the market. Up not the CEO so on the chart is still red now one thirty five it's red. Let's say it goes to one forty three and. Turns green you have a higher probability gained to one sixty from one to forty three where turn green that word today, at red at one thirty five, but she, people always think like Kramer they always think the same way I gotta get One thirty five before it gets to one thirty six but wait a. Minute how do you know when it goes from. One thirty five thirty six there's enough money going in show that you don't get screwed How many people. Bought a stock and it goes right down because you don't know how much money, and then you, say, well well my tummy you broker he has. No fiduciary relationship with you he could care less about you our responsibility begins and ends with our partners in. Our shareholders. And that it hey did he say oh my responsibilities is Israel my, little retail customers he. Say that Diddy here whose responsibility our responsibility begins? And? Ends, with our. Partners and our partners and shareholders that's right that's Wall Street The banksters, Wall, Street, so why don't you, just buy a stock when you know. The big institutions in the corporations. Are buying stock and in the beautiful thing after the stock goes up fifteen, twenty, percent ten percent, and, turns red you'll get out go to my. Site Phil's gang dot com and go and it's so easy and you can see my returns on the MVP. To his. Says fills toolbox I mean it's. Easy just joined. A gang for one month. Try it for. August try it for August, and judge me by my. Performance and the performance of the chart and guess. What you can do as little as. You want volume want. Euler where I say, like I did today we bought, today dollar trait we put on alert up and alert up we, bought dollar tree at what price now. Now they need they. Don't want they don't have to come they. Don't wanna they don't wanna see. Two three posted three posted. Videos they don't have to three times during the day. We redo them three times a day we change dollar tree we not change them update them three times a day and you don't wanna do that because you don't have, time fine, but at least you'll get, my alert this, is get out other, stock institutions are pulling their money, out don't listen to. The Jabber jabar's don't listen to other nonsense they'll listen to all, the noise Try it for thirty days if. I make a difference in. Your life and your financial life Unbelievable you know the one thing that Trump has to do He's got to win over the independent voter. To do that he's got to get, rid. Of these, banks he's got a break these banks up That's right you remember two thousand eight the, one, of the, reasons why the market crash was the interest rates went to three, point, seven percent and they lied to us. And kept saying well the regime the interest rates have gone three point seven because our economy's growing. No the reason why it goes three point seven. Percent keeps going up because we have higher trade deficits because. We have higher a national debt that's why. They lied to us all the time That's why The US economy is diverse, and resilient and our long term fundamentals. Are healthy that was in two thousand eight that crash right after that he should have. My chart here's. The problem the reason why the economy charge the stock market crash went, down thirty seven percent, caught everybody, but me I Surprise And few other guys in our industry Is that the? Big thing that we knew it couldn't will you starting? To see that interest, rate going up it could. Sustain itself you can you can't have you can't grow in a Konami GDP when you're get is growing faster We. Have an economy. That's growing the debt growing faster than our economy now here's.

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