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You're KNBR half past headline Sports sports. I'm Adam Coping these your half past headlines for Friday, November 6th, 2000 and 20 yesterday, Major League Baseball while you were watching football in election coverage, announced that they've given out their Silver Slugger awards, and Donovan Solano, second baseman of the San Francisco Giants, has won it at second for the National League. Pretty fun stuff. Good season for Donnie Barrels takes on his first. Silver Slugger Award and some news out of the NFL. The Las Vegas Raiders have been fined. $500,000 coach Jon Gruden has been fined yet again, and they've been stripped of 1/6 round draft pick in 2021 following their lack of cooperation with NFL's Covic protocols. They're saying it is a repeat offense after offensive lineman friend Brown has had to go back on the cove it list following his positive test. Just a couple of weeks ago. The NFL taking this stuff very seriously, and the N BA has approved by their players association a start date for the embassies in December. 22nd. They're gonna get going, Which means NBC stuff is going to be fast and furious for the next few weeks, the NBA draft free agency in training camp coming up in the next six weeks before basketball gets going. Does your half past headlines. The fearless Friday football forecast is next on the sports leader, yard presents. Mervyn Max. Right football for Polly. What? You know, it's like you wake up, and you're like the Niners got crushed. The Niners were down 30 43. There's really nothing to look forward to. In the world of football. That's not so fast except riding in like the cavalry right Friday. Fearless, fabulous, actually. Remember? Don't bump up here comes the Friday football forecast. Can No, I like that. I have to tell you this. You know who you know what band plays that at the end of every third quarter and I have to say they can't. They can't rip it. I have to guess you SC SC? Yeah, See the third corner. They play the William Tell Overture, but and it's It's pretty good. Pretty good way We played so well, me right into position for the Friday football for you know, Listen, you know, in fairness SC band we gotta give it up. Holy, don't forget their role in the hugely underrated Funky and kind of catchy Fleetwood Mac, tune us. Go ahead and defend Tusk. I remember him saying, Yeah, when Tusk hit the scene, it was still during my K Farsi days before my family moved east and I remember, just say brass do that's probably when I first fell in love with a big horn section like back. Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye. Bye bye. That sounds off to give it up. There's the cavalry, Diego. Thank you comes here we come. Yeah. This is s e at the end of the third quarter. Come on, let me hear you, like inspire your horse. Murph. What do you say in your horse? You want to do this when you go home? Suva? Yeah, your hopes you're such an old soul. You strike me as a guy who even is familiar with the old black and white Lone Ranger. Chance. What was going through your injured TV show high host chemo, Sabi.

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