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Because they weren't expecting women to assault them like this. Yep. This just had the image of I was going to ask. So what was the song that you decided to start with that was gonNA slap them in the face. Oh. Good Times bad times. Yeah. Definitely. That was you out pretty much the the number one. The first song from the many years. I mean what else do you start with? You know in the days of my youth I was taught what it means to be a man and your woman singing in. It's perfect. Yes, it's. Dan It's just got that. You know the those chords at the beginning are just so in your face and so. We are now in control you know. And it was really a stunning thing because what would happen and it started happening from the beginning even though I've been you know we got. We. We got a lot better as we kept playing, but you know having practice was good enough to make them. To you know disbelieve they shattered their disbelief but what began to happen is that they would come in skeptical. And leave transformed. Lovat and we got very very little pushback from those fans that you guys you're talking about. Amazing very little. It was rare that we heard. Negative things I mean you're always going to hear that there are plenty of negative things you know and people were. Calling us all sorts of names because they thought the name of the band we were how dare we in this sacred unit was a little like the religious right coming up again, we came up against some of that but but those hardcore Zeppelin fans, they understood it. You See. They got it. They were like, yes, that is. You get it you get what what this music is and you're giving it to us. Thank you. You know they're the ones that got it more than anyone else amazingly you see so it was it was really quite wonderful. must've. Felt. Yeah. So it was great. Aright, well, on the subject of performing and touring what were some of the most exciting places that led Zeppelin has gotten to perform, and if you have any fun tour or fans stories, we would love to hear it if you'd like to share it. All, the fan stories Groupie fans stories..

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