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Answer is simple, Kinda gay man. Did you ever meet any big spots? That center concert tonight got cancer? Not any talent scripts. How many pitches swung on and the president might have had with them were lining up down in China way he's hitting 2 83 21 Whole 49 bad and Donald Trump to release them. Let's release them here on the Marlin Peter Defensively, Jared and made Very few mistakes in the game to the Yankees made a lot of Mr Louder. The crowds have gotten sector or error, the last three games in a high top talent out of play. So I imagine Aaron Boone has more address than just the words of our great umpire. You know, it was interesting before the game. Yes. You rarely see this with veterans have especially year throughout doing early infield worry. Hardly. Pitchers feel their practice before the game. Yes, and I hope people a peaceful, didn't we are the people. Two down runner at third and boy pretty swings and fouls it on. Not heard. I was disappointed that this is for the Yankees down the stretch. They know they gotta tighten up things on and Peter on the other side, and Leo Terrell on Briana employee who is 29 to perform last night's game, a strong right handed batter with 21 homers and 49 little sapper out in front of the plate coming, picking it up his Rogers throws to first spinach. With a nice recovery after a double right double play ball and a 123 put out, and that's it for the Yankees were scoreless, headed to the second on the Marlins Radio network..

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