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If conscription so we can get that out to a community in the public as well so once again once we get that information on the suspect or suspects both the vehicle description as well as who may have done this we'll be sure to pass along to you again repeating a Castle Rock police on the scene of a shooting at king soopers on ridge road in Castle Rock one victim was transported to an area hospital after the shooting according to Cass rock police they are on scene right now conducting the investigation the ridge road is fully closed between the shopping center in ender's Boulevard you're asked to avoid that area in light of obviously the shootings over the last couple of weekends police are obviously on heightened alert once we get information on who may have done this or description of the vehicle that person or persons are still at large we'll continue to update this information as soon as we make it available our next news update is coming up at nine I'm decal shelling came away newsradio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM now let's go to traffic is right now not that I twenty five and thirty two to five next on the right shoulder it's going to affect the traffic in Michigan mostly but you still have a lane blocked out there as well to to construction on two two five north bound by twenty five you're seventy have an accent as well westbound I. seventy at Peoria actually closer perching Amanda watch for delays back to two to five and down south to the gap project in either direction going to see some slowing as well CBS for weather tonight chance for storms a low sixty five tomorrow hot with afternoon storms high of ninety five currently eighty three I'm they're coping with Kaylee newsradio Colorado's.

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