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Continuing negotiations on a proposed pandemic stimulus bill that could be announced soon more from CBS News correspondent Steve Dorsey. A bipartisan $900 billion deal is expected to include 600 to $700 stimulus checks and extended unemployment benefits. The first vote on the bill could happen Thursday. Senate Democratic leader truck Schumer We are close to an agreement, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell congressional leaders on both sides are going to keep working until We got this dog. The bill likely won't include coronavirus related liability protections for business is strongly opposed by Democrats. Steve Dorsey. CBS NEWS Washington Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is quarantining after he came in contact with someone who's tested positive for covert. 19. Pompeo himself has tested negative for the virus. But he's following CDC guidelines not clear when Pompeo came into contact with that person or who it is. However, he recently hosted an indoor holiday party with his wife. Ah, former Prince George's County police officer will spend the next seven years in prison for sexually assaulting of female officer at a party more than three years ago. Prince George's county state's attorney, I use a brave boy says the woman who lieutenant Richard Talent sexually assaulted, told the judge. She's not a victim. Rather a survivor. He exemplifies the bravery that the men and women The Prince George's County Police Department are supposed to exemplify Rene Joy with the prosecutor's office says Talent was stripped of his police powers. Shortly after the February 2017 assault outside a fraternal order of police Lodge when the victim had to relieve herself in the woods. That's when Richard Talent went after her, tackled her to the ground, pinned her and sexually assaulted her. Two other officers stumbled upon the assault and testified to a jury. Found talent guilty of second degree sex defense last year. Meghan Cloherty wt o p. News Check on sports. Next 4 44 rations. The furniture is celebrating.

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