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We got. We got headlines sponsored by progressive insurance. You can save big when you bundle your auto home, motorcycle, RV or boat visit progressive dot com. The honest as we all know, is just two weeks removed from thinking he destroyed his knee. Honest in the corner. Booker on him driving middle Post shot. No good. Johannes caught it down with a foul. He would not be d nine that put back part of the box. 24 6 run to close the third that ended the Sun's last push. Milwaukee winning 1 21 100. To cut the deficit to 21, Yannis 41 points, 13 rebounds and six assists. He and Shaq now the only players that back to back 40 10 games in the finals. And Yanis is halfway to Jordan's four straight 40 point games against the Sons of the 93 Finals As D A already said this morning. Yannis wants no part of that comparison. I'm not Michael Jordan. Uh, 4 40 points in the straight to Corner row. Yeah, up. No, I'm not Michael Jordan. Janice also had support last night Drew Holiday scored 21 18 from Chris Middle Team. It was Devin Booker's turn to struggle. Just 10 points. Three of 14 shooting. DeAndre Ayton scored 16 of the first half only two in the second because of foul trouble. Game four in Milwaukee on Wednesday night. Because people suck English soccer players. Marcus Rashford's Jaden, Sancho and Sokka, who are all black has been subject to race his attacks on social media since missing their PKS yesterday in Italy. Twitter says it has removed over 1000 such tweets and permanently suspended multiple accounts. Louisville catcher Henry Davis, the first pick at last night's MLB draft, So what are the Pirates to get in? Hard worker. I want to win competitor. I'm gonna do everything I can to help this organization get to where it needs to be. That's Davis Son MLB network. He is the second catcher in three years, but just the third since 75 to go number one. Overall, the Rangers followed with Vandy righty Jack lighter before the draft affiliates.

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