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Radio here CBS sports network. with. at the end here AT AT T. barber. apparated theory wait till tomorrow interesting game that's gonna be great game is certainly an interesting game we'll see what James says to McCaffrey was in for sixty two of the sixty two offense of snaps bye the Panthers. I wish Adam on my fantasy team again this year you you have left to do right I have this okay do he's a keeper yeah I got to tell you I don't usually squawk about draft position like doing fantasy baseball than last year I think I had the seventh overall pick and I won the picking up more homes immediately I I dread to drop below that night I went back and I can pick it up my homes I don't really squawk about draft position but this year I feel like it's really unfair if you had anything below foot below six because the web between the the Barclays yeah Alvin come or is this Zeke's the McCaffrey's the the the Hopkins is if you like in that seventy you start going for the Connors the mix ins I think my teams terror yeah you have to go for running but you have to get running back you got early so lets you get one you have a keeper league you're not gonna get him unless you let you draft hi five so I had to I had a Kumar and Krishan McCaffrey as my keeper I don't like keeper leagues either but I I don't I don't for the N. F. I love it because it of course when you have come over in the camp you're right and then I drafted John Jacobs with that das Jacobson Oakley couple cuts going through I started team was the more Jackson Cortland sudden Phillip Dorsett or two touchdowns out sound Jeffrey camara kept McCaffrey the lady Walker and three Cola you quite yet at two hundred points almost one ninety five PPR the P. R. U. defense that patriots. all right who's kicker Mason Crosby and come in he let me down teams could be good my team is due to be here in this a lot the get kind of bands out of bounds let's go. anything can happen in sports in office does what's right what's wrong and who's just crazy we decide. okay take.

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