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They want that explosive reaction among liberals that triggers their people, and that motivates them to turn on the TV, and so I definitely believe that what happened last week with Tucker Carlson show with respect to blake. Is Another episode that is going to fortify and amplify his audience. Who the millions of people who eat it up. WHO's watching I've gone to a lot of these Fox News Confab. They have Fox nation which is their streaming service. And they love Tucker. My assumption is they are middle aged to elderly white people. That's exactly what they are. They are very nice and they love Tucker I'm is not just like Tucker's. Okay Tucker is. It and lot of the women find him attractive. They think he's cute especially since he dropped the. Yes especially since each. And so you can see why. Fox News when faced with a crisis like this. If they think that there's a PR problem with Tucker's hatred on air. They would have another PR problem with their own base. If they dumped. Tucker people would go nuts. What's Eric went after the break. Support for the show comes from notion. Notion is for people who are working from home. Are you still working from home I'm still working from most of us might still be working from home, and notion has a way to make working from home easier. It's kind of like the Swiss army knife of productivity software. We all know that we got to be productive when we're working from home right right. hope the bosses aren't listening to this anyway. It combines note taking to do lists document sharing and sinking and project management to help you stay on task I was just joking about the bosses earlier like you can't be productive. When you do a daily podcast, 'cause you gotta put the podcast at the end of the day. Right so there's really no way around it anyway. Notion helps you organize all of the things that you're searching for..

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