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I agree with you totally with what you just said to the gentlemen from Florida. They are going to be giving us BULLDOGS a run for our money. I have watched a lot of Florida games this year, and their execution is really really good. And I'm very impressed with him as a coach the reason though that I'm calling is. And and I don't know if it was just me, and I wanted to call you prior to now is when the national game was was being played wash the SEC show prior. And Gus malzahn was on the air with you as well as our and others, and I felt there was a bit of uncomfortable. Nece is is that just me because I I know that this past year is speaking about him. There's been the buyout. There's been this Holly. That's an interesting observation. I. Did couple of shows with coach malzahn last week in. California. And I he was on our the the afternoon show. For a pretty long segment, which we really had a great time. I'm not I'm not making excuses because sometimes those interviews can be a little stilted, but got Gus is a very much a straight shooting coach and his answers can be interpreted that way. I I really don't I think I asked him one question and everyone asked him. But I didn't remember that. It could be that. It was so loud that I'm not sure I could hear what he said. But I remember the interview earlier, I in fact, I may have done to shows within a day he may have been on the college football live show as well. Or some other show. I did and he was very relaxed, but Gus malzahn to me. In spite of everything is more relaxed in interviews than I can ever remember him being. So I'm not contradicting what you said or saw you may have seen it. I may I may have been detached by that point. But but but he he he he also one thing though, he is facing a very big year one that I think is career at Auburn is clearly on the line. And and I agree, but I truly felt with you being on the far left with our and him being on the right? I really felt that I could see how uncomfortable. He was. And I felt like his rear end was on a flight. And I'd say there, I understand I will admit I've done some interviews with him where it was not easy because he is just a he's very black and white when it come. But but but I I will say this. I appreciate your call this. We had I think it was Gus and was it was a chip Kelly or Jim Mora. I can't remember which one it was. But when they were on the afternoon show from Levi stadium, he he was in fact, he may have had the most pressing comment of the day in terms of you know, we asked him is there a way to get to to. And and he felt like or was there a way to where it was? Where was excuse me where it was Alabama most exposed, and he and he said on the edges of the secondary..

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