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Was described in that fashion. She's a triple threat. She can sing. She can threaten movies. I think I've hit a wall over there. I'm going. Any help from the other side is that that Gene Kelly movie is singing in the rain and it's the actress. That he is. Unfortunately, parents feel going. Jean Hagen Jean Hagen is the actress character is what's the character's name system? And then I can stand? Yeah. Oh, the rest of the part with kids and, um What was her name? I nobody makes a monkey at a Lina Lamont, Lina Lamont. Wait a couple of points in there. Give them three points. Francine, who's self description included. You know, I used to be the king of Broadway Six shows running at once. Lynch's Delmonico's $200 suits. Look at me now of wearing a cardboard belt. Is that Was already actually quoting that along with the kind of spooky, don't you think? This is probably the toughest know that zero. Must l in the producers playing playing the Broadway producer, you know something? What the heck? 10 points. Max Bialy Chinese favorite just couldn't deprive him of any points. Who's self assessment.

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