L. L. L., Nick Cannon discussed on The Cruz Show


You know we we get everybody this are all week long I had a day is Friday and I got I got hit when the young homies a comma a young lady to me as probably does out over the year so far gold I really like him the lost boy it is a big statement to you Hey why being quite a let's wake his **** up let's do it days do always answer the phone my god you you don't bother to call and let the young was a what he was talking about while we now feel bad now need he wouldn't right now you should be up early yeah you know I don't you are I think you're about to hang up the phone it is while being quite a week this is Nick cannon morning it's only right it is brand new one okay at the moment because I'm young rich black in ahead so my healthy young L. L. L. tomorrow on it much like a faucet she was back I even take the the opposite you want me to fly you thought cop the jet was again I'm a one way ticket on one way and then my function weighs in on a Sunday so we will meet again that.

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