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Terms of you have a, credit of nineteen hundred dollars the, new dentist wants forty seven. Hundred dollars and I yes and I. Decided not statement I just wanted. Braces off to hell he'll charge the thirty five hundred well you can go full blast. On that one, and simply she's responsible for the balance in, other. Words her contract was for seventy five hundred. Bucks right and you have. At this point paid fifty six hundred is gonna cost. You another four grand. Minus what you, didn't pay her she's. Responsible for that. 'cause she said I will do this you said fine it's a contract and either she does it or someone else does it? If she's not prepared to do it and For the remainder of my statement whatever that's. Correct Okay, okay that's it simple and as far as abandonment there's no legal issue there and you do the. Work because no one can, force anybody to work so as. A simple difference that's all, and you'll be fine and then? The question is how do I go about, that. Because small-claims Okay perfect yeah small-claims just? You're fine All right see all of. That was just your? Small claims court wasn't that worth that how long was that? Nineteen minutes on? That, one. Phone, call was that it Yeah the answer is yes I've, done. That before too no No All. Right tell you about simply. Safe, oh I like this. Company this is home security. Stalled one of these simply say systems in my daughter's. Place I have a couple of friends of mine who did exactly the same thing based on my recommendation would just always kind of. Neat simply safe.

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