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Had that this was an impossible thing that they lost the pacific fleet in those next week's those that anxiety because you've you've read their diaries where they're giving each other pep talks were they talking back and forth to each other where the isolated and and not talking about their doubts no i think i think a lot of their doubts were were kept privately i mean i think there was a significant amount of glemp or sure and i think there was an initial player of patriotism and national unity that rose up afterward but if you look in their diaries some of these uh some of the senior officer for very alarmed very concerned i mean the attack on pearl harbor was was devastating i mean it is uh you know we had um 9 of our battleships were in in port that morning on eight of them were either damaged or destroyed we lost a number of other destroyers and other capital shipped uh i mean we were just fortunate that the three aircraft here we had a signed the pacific fleet weren't there that day uh but there's no way to minimise just how are horrible attack on pearl harbor really was for the pacific fleet and that of course was soon joined by the eighty he had a fleet which was in the philippines which was nearly destroyed as well so i mean all the news coming out of civic enough for shoot weeks off the attack on pearl harbor on which is very very gloomy you have a quote from the president of the united states i will go down in disgrace he thought that right away he tries to recover and he does but on december twenty 255 a conference the white house james has very dramatic moment said inside drama fdr stimson knocks stark is sector the navy stark has a commanding cno at this point ernest king who will become cno the very strongminded leader of the navy marshall leading the army arnold leading the air force they all arrive at the white house and at this point they don't have a good plan because winston churchill's arriving the next day and they.

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